My Three Favorite Silicone Dildos

Silicone dildos are my favorite, because they provide a realistic experience

The phrase “silicone dildos” has become very popular. The material that these toys are made from is soft, yet firm. It provides the opportunity for a toy to be as realistic as possible. When you think about a hard cock, do you think of it like a rigid piece of plastic surrounded with a soft material? Of course not! A real cock is a little spongy. It is hard, yet flexible. When you put it inside of your vagina and give it a squeeze you will feel it give a little. A real cock is a beautiful thing, but most dildos don’t really mimic that experience.

Silicone cocks are the exception to this rule, and most of them provide a great experience. If you want something that feels like the real thing, there really are no other options. You can’t have a great experience with a toy that is molded from plastic, unless all you want is a quick orgasm. Of course, that might be just what you want on certain nights, especially if you have had a long and stressful day. But if you have a silicone toy, you can combine it with your regular vibrators and have an even better orgasm. With all of this out of the way, I want to mention my three favorite toys.

The Ladygasm Alex is one of the only silicone sex toys I have ever owned that combines a fleshly feeling with a vibrator. It is about the same size as an average dick, both in length and circumference. It feels really good to slip it inside of you, just like you have a real piece of meat between your legs. You can also turn on the vibrator and press it against your clit so that you can have a normal vibrator orgasm. If I were to recommend any one toy to a girl looking to get her first dildo, it would be this one.

The Brian does not feature a vibrator, but it is definitely much bigger. When I have the two standing side by side (Alex and Brian) it really dwarfs the other. It might be a bit much for most women, especially if you aren’t used to having a big dick inside of you. I actually started using this one a lot more frequently when I started dating a guy with a huge dick, because I needed to get a lot of practice so I could handle his deep thrusts. I still use this toy regularly, although not as much as the Alex. If you are looking for something that will really push you to your limits, then this is definitely the one I would tell you to get.

The flex is one of the most unique silicone dildos I have ever owned. It has some sort of spine inside of it that is flexible, which means you can shape it in different poses. On some nights, I put a curve in it to stimulate a guy that leans a little to the left. On other nights, I curve it upwards at the tip and stimulate my g-spot. When I am in the mood for something really different, I put an s-shaped curve in it and it really drives me wild. I like this one because it is big, but it is also very realistic. I am able to use it to get off again and again.

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