My Favorite Realistic Dildos

Which realistic dildos give me the best feeling?

There is something magical about artificial penises. They provide a lifelike experience when you are all by yourself. Of course, a lot of us girls wish that we could have a hot guy come over and fuck our brains out, but there are plenty of reasons why this could be a bad idea. Even if you have a hot boyfriend, there are going to be plenty of times when you are stuck all by yourself and you need to put out the flames of passion. Since it is never a good idea to cheat on your guy, having one of these toys will take care of everything for you without the terrible feelings of guilt that you might otherwise experience.

The first rubber cocks I ever bought weren’t that great. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as informed as I am today. I got some toys that weren’t made from the best material, and after owning them for a few months the rubber started to crack. I had to throw them away. It was basically a huge waste of money. They didn’t feel very good, either. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any toys that were made from a different material for quite some time. I was stuck using my traditional style vibrator for a very long time before I found another toy that I liked.

Eventually, I found a series of realistic dildos that were made to mimic the real thing. They look real and they feel real. As a matter of fact, they are molded from the penises of real guys. It is pretty impressive, actually. When you get wet and slip the toy inside it feels like a real dick is slipping between your lips and deep inside of you. The only way they could be more realistic is if they were able to cum for you, but of course, we can’t have everything, no can we?

I am talking about the penis replicas made by ladygasm. There are three toys in the lineup. The first is known as the Alex. This little guy is six inches long and five inches around. It is about the same size as an average guy’s dick, and it feels just as good. What will really surprise you, though, is that it has a built in vibrator. There is no real guy that can provide you intercourse and a little buzzing on your clitoris! This toy goes above and beyond when it comes to helping you get off. I use it at least once a week.

The second toy I purchased in the series was Alex’s big brother, the Brian. This guy doesn’t vibrate, but since it is eight inches long and five and a half inches around, you don’t really need that. The feeling is intense, and if you aren’t used to having something so big inside of you, then you are going to need to spend some time getting used to it. It is molded from a real guy’s cock, and it is about as realistic as you could want.

Finally, the Flex is the most creative toy that they make in this series. It is very similar in size and girth to the Brian, but it features a flexible spine. This will allow you to shape it however you want. If you want it to lean to the right, you can. One thing that is really fun is putting a little wiggle in it and then sliding it in and out.

There are plenty of other styles of toys on the site, too. Their great prices and discreet shipping makes my favorite site for buying realistic dildos on the web.