Mummy never said anything about butt plugs

One day out of a clear blue sky and when you least expect it your husband or boyfriend may ask if he can have anal sex. This could either mean he wants to stick his penis up your butt, or it could mean he wants to start introducing butt plugs into the bedroom. He may possibly want to do both. Either way, it helps to be prepared.

What are butt plugs?

Butt plugs are conical shaped toys. There are beginner anal sex toys that start out small and then gently graduate in size. Good quality butt plugs should have a flared base for safety or they can get sucked into the rectum.

Because they are designed for anal play, these anal pleasure tools will gently stretch the anus and stimulate the thousands of sensitive nerve endings that exist both internally and externally.

These toys for anal fun give a satisfyingly full feeling in your rectum. For women, the presence of a butt plug also feels great and can be an additional thrill if combined with sex at the same time.

How to use this type of anal sex toys

To use a butt plug is simple as long as you follow the rules.

You first need to apply a generous quantity of water-based lubricant and insert the butt plug very carefully and slowly, so as not to harm the delicate anal tissue. Never rush butt plug insertion. Don’t worry, your ass muscles will soon become accustomed to the butt plug entering through the back door. If you want to spice things up still further you could up for a vibrating butt plug,

Anal toys should be kept in place a bit like a baby’s dummy in the mouth, they are not supposed to be pulled in and out of the ass in a steady rhythm like a vibrator or dildos for your vagina.

Start out small

Psychologically you will probably want to start with a small butt plug. There are several beginner kits – a good example being the Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Beginner Butt Plug Kit.

It comes with a small silicone butt plug and some anal lube – which should be used at all times because remember, your anus has no natural lubricant of its own.

You might want to try long slender anal pleasure tools first which are easy to insert but still give a pleasurable feel to the back of the vaginal wall.

Always clean and disinfect your anal toys after each session

There are two absolute musts with all anal sex toys.

1. They must be boiled and disinfected after use,
2. They must never be inserted into the vagina after anal play as it will spread infections from harmful bacteria.

Other than these two precautions there is no need to panic just because he is hammering to get in the old back door. But before he attempts anal sex, tell him you want to start on the nursery slopes of anal sex with a small user friendly butt plug.

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