Lelo Liv  - The most famous Lelo vibe

Lelo Liv - the most famous Lelo vibe

Product details

The Lelo Liv is one of the most famous Lelo vibrator – representing everything the brand stands for. Couple-friendly and smooth to the touch, this medium-sized pleasure object is custom tailored to the delicate curves of the female body – inside and out. Made from medical-grade silicone, the Liv virtually guarantees satisfaction.

Keep in mind the Lelo Liv is not only fully rechargeable, but also features 5 nearly slient vibration modes for the ultimate in luxurious pleasure.

Material Safety safety
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Food grade material, hypo-allergenic
Powered by
7 Different Vibration Modes
Special Features
Premium, Waterproof


Product reviews

Review by unicornhunter84
I was looking over the Internet and saw this device and decided to try it out. I'm not necessarily impressed with the location of the controls, it does please me and make me squeal. Love the different vibration modes too.

Review by her_property
My boyfriend bought this for me so I could have something to pleasure myself with while he is out. I really like the color too. I have plenty of nighties that match it. I also like how I can hide it in my purse when I stay at a friends.

Review by Phonesexsavior
I have had a lot of different vibrators over the last few years and among those vibrators nothing has lasted as long or functioned as well as the Lelo Liv. It curves in all the right places and I just love the different vibration nodes.

Review by shinylove89
I really like the shape first of all, it glides really well when thrusting it in and out. Second of all, it's different modes are very selective. There is one for every mood.
Review by blackbetty89
I bought this for my girlfriend she likes it. She uses it to start up and then we have at it. This is one the ones she uses more often then others, because she likes how small it is.

Review by eggiweg
This looked like it would just be another toy, that it really didn't have much variety to it compared to other other sex toys. I went ahead and paid for it, wanting to try something new and found out it is a pretty nice. Within the first night I had it I'm getting to the gold at the other end of the rainbow. I recommend this product.

Review by Stagger13
Well I bought this and like it. The color, the shape, and the different settings are what really make this toy stick out from the others. A little pricey, but well worth it once you look at the overall pleasure that you get form it.

Review by Babydoll4eva
The package was nice and safe, but had a slippery feel so I was worried. But with a little soap and water it cleaned right up. The black part is very nice and firm and was fun to play with, and yes had to rub it across my face. I just wanted something normal. Its a great deal :D

Review by funinpublic
Shipping was super fast, so we appreciate that. The smoothness of the surface was so velvety that it was soft to the touch. It really was sensual and so easy to use. The vibrations were so nice that I actually use it on my neck and instep when they are aching. It just feels good. Thanks for a great product.
Review by saxyfuntimes
I bought this but I would rather have it in a red color. It has plenty of modes and functions to play with. I had a night with my girlfriend and she fell in love with it. She really enjoys how to slides so smoothly.