Lelo Gigi - The G-Spot vibe

Lelo Gigi - the g-spot vibe

Product details

The Gigi is a unique Lelo creation – a perfectly formed and beautiful g-spot simulator. The flattened tip is designed to make it simple to reach your body’s most sensitive area. Made from medical grade silicone – the Lelo Gigi is as beautiful to look at as it is to use!

The Lelo Gigi is not only fully rechargeable, but also deceptively powerful, lasting for up to 4 hours on a single charge. Try out the super quiet 5 vibrating modes, today.

You won’t be disappointed!

Material Safety safety
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Food grade material, hypo-allergenic
Powered by
7 Different Vibration Modes
Special Features
Premium, Waterproof


Product reviews

Review by Phonesexsavior
I happened across this product after a strange payment popped up on my credit card. I knew my girlfriend was active, and I wanted to know what she was using behind my back. I purchased my own, and I wasn't as thrilled with it as she was. I found it to be too long and the flat part too big. At least I have something to stimulate her clit while she uses hers. She likes how it's so small and travel sized. The 4 hour battery life is also amazing.

Review by funinpublic
I had one of these for a while then it broke. While using it, I smelled smoke, so I guess the innards fried. I love the way it works, it makes my heart skip a beat everytime I use it! But after a few friendly calls, I now have a replacement. Not only do they make great products, but they have wonderful customer service!

Review by shinylove89
I have been in the market for a vibrator for a while and now and I hadn't seen any type of g-spot stimulator like this. I bought it and was not a fan. The vibrations were just too much, and I guess my G-Spot is built differently than other girls, because all it did was rub uncomfortably against it.

Review by Babydoll4eva
I really like the shape of the head, how it's reversed to directly stimulate the g-spot. I am however very saddened that the controls are at the end. I've changed the settings accidental so many times; I just gave up using it.

Review by mariedoll
I have had my Adam & Eve Oui G-Spot Slimline Vibrator for quite some time and wanted to venture out and try to find a new replacement for it (motor shorted out). So I found this bought it to add to my collection. I like it but wish there were different color choices. I must say, I'm glad to know that Adam & Eve isn't the only brand out there making awesome sex toys!

Review by Chul
My lesbian partner and I attended a Ladygasm party, and the item featured was the Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibe. We both tried it (best night ever, btw), and we have mixed feelings about it. I just love it all over. Wish it came in purple, but the design is just right for pleasing my G-Spot. She wasn't fond of it. Said that the vibrations were too intense and that it was too large in diameter.

Review by JonS
While watching porn one night, I saw and add for g-spot stimulator's and got curious. After some exploring, I came across the Lelo Gigi. I wasn't a fan. The controls were in an inconvenient location in my opinion and the flat head hurt more than it pleased. I think I'll stick with regular dildos.

Review by unicornhunter84
At first glance I saw this item and thought, “Huh, that looks odd,” but I went ahead and bought it. I have to say I was surprised. It really did stimulate the g-spot in a manner that I wasn't used to.
Review by her_property
My roommate thought I was being attacked and barged in my room after hearing the noises I made with this! I guess I was being way louder than I thought. I have had some surprises in the vibrator field but this one really set me up.
Review by saxyfuntimes
My best friend and I were looking through girls sex toys and saw this and was like “Ok, that looks interesting.” So we went in together and bought one. We both were impressed at the different vibrating settings, that I paid her for what she paid and she went bought her own.