Pleasing Your Man by Using Anal Sex Toys

Okay, I want to start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of toys for anal stimulation. It’s not that I don’t enjoy using them, it’s just that I really like to spend time actually having sex with my man. The reason I bought my first anal toy was because I wanted to learn how to take a real penis in my ass. I knew that every guy liked anal sex, but I was afraid that if I just let my guy go wild that it would really hurt. I knew that if I grabbed a toy I could take my time learning to love the feeling of anal sex.

I had read a number of articles and guides about anal sex, and I knew that most women really enjoyed it once they got over their initial fear. It turns out that you have to get used to having something large up there, just like with your vagina. But once you do, you can really have a great orgasm. The first time I ever had anal sex I actually came without having any stimulation on my clit, which I also understand is normal for about half of the women that regularly have anal sex.

Again, I was just afraid that if I let my guy in the back door that he would go crazy and that it would hurt. So I figured if I had some anal pleasure tools I could work my way up to having bigger toys going deeper and deeper into me. The first toy I got for this purpose was the Ladygasm Buzz. It serves two purposes. You can use it in your vagina to stimulate your g-spot, but it is also designed to provide pleasure through the back door.

I then worked my way up to a toy called the Ladygasm Voyager. It’s basically a larger version of the same toy. Over time I learned to take both of these butt plugs without even flinching. The best part is that I realized that having something in my butt allowed me to cum harder and faster than normal vaginal intercourse. When combined with clitoral stimulation the feelings were really amazing.

After about a month of playing with these toys regularly I was ready to let my guy go wild. We were fooling around on the couch and I was straddling his lap. I started nibbling his ears and then whispered, “Would you like to fuck my ass, big boy?” You should have seen the look on his face! He must have asked me about twenty times if I was sure about it. I told him that I had been thinking about it and that each time I fantasized about him in my butt that I got really horny, so I was ready to go for it.

We started out with the regular types of foreplay and then we had normal sex for a bit, and finally I told him to flip me over and get inside of my ass. He was ecstatic. He took it nice and slow, not realizing that I had been using anal sex toys to get ready for this. It really turned him on when I started moaning and demanding that he go deeper, harder, and faster. I have to say that having him cum in my ass was really, really, sexy.

If it wasn’t for anal sex toys I wouldn’t have been able to get to the point where I could please my guy like this, and ever since that night we do it on a regular basis, which we both really enjoy.