Ladygasm surprise turbo hitachi wand

Ladygasm surprise turbo hitachi wand - Our strongest vibrating toy

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If what you want is the most powerful orgasms imaginable, you've found the toy that will help you achieve your goal. This is the Ladygasm version of the world-famous Hitachi Massager. We call it the Surprise Turbo because first of all, the strength of the vibration will SURPRISE you, especially if you've never owned a toy like this before. Second, it plugs into a wall outlet and offers two vibration intensities - WOW and TURBO WOW!

Originally introduced as a body massager, women quickly found that it was as good for masturbation as it was for body massage. When you aren't using it to bring yourself to climax, it doubles as a body massager that you or your man will love. Just lay back and let our version of the Hitachi Massager do all of the work for you. This is the one toy we've literally NEVER received a return on - its simply too good. Built to last, this is one toy in your toy chest you won't ever grow tired of.

Click the video to watch Ms. Ladygasm explain how it works!

Material Safety safety
Smooth Head
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Powered by
A/C Wall Outlet
2 Vibration Levels
Special Features
Super Strong Vibrations


Product reviews

Review by unicornhunter84
Like. Sex toys always triggered "dildos" in my mind. I was like, really like, surprised to find out there's more to sex toys that just, like, penetration. I TOTALLY have the best like, orgasms ever with this Hitachi Wand. Like, I always use it. With or without a boy. Like, best sex toy ever.

Review by saxyfuntimes
I'm all about trying new things. So when I caught first glimpse of this Hitachi Wand, I thought, "Why Not?", ya know? Have to say, it felt good, but I don't really care for it. I mean, not on it's own at least. It's fun to use on my boyfriends balls, and apparently my girlfriends really enjoy them. But I didn't care for it. So I guess I'll just stick to using it on others instead of myself.

Review by funinpublic
I'm really into clit stimulation, so when I discovered the Ladygasm Hitachi Wand, I knew I just HAD to have it. And oh my god is it the best clit stimulator I've ever had. I use it ALL THE TIME. In the tub, kitchen, car (I found a way to make it work), in hotels, work, I even used it at my college campus. Not only does it just rock my clit so hard, being able to take it everywhere just makes the climax 20 million times better. I even ditch hot guys if they aren't into me using it during sex. I never have a night without my Surprise Turbo Hitachi Wand. Ever.

Review by Babydoll4eva
Call me old fashioned. I didn't really care for it. When I think of something that's going to make me masturbate better, I either want penetration with a traditional penis or dildo, or something small. I don't care for the need to always be near an outlet that I can't carry in my purse. After a couple attempts at it, I just tossed it at the bottom of my toy chest.

Review by her_property
I was beyond embarrassed when my teenage daughter gave me the Hitachi. I thought she was being grateful when she bought it and called it a 'massager'. So while I'm using it to massage my feet and shoulder blades, I was beyond shocked that she scolded me on using it that way! She explained what it was used for, and while I'm shocked she knew so much, I was mortified that she thought I needed a sex toy! Well, I felt bad for punishing her after I finally tried it. I will NEVER admit it to her, but I never had a climax like the one the Hitachi gave me.

Review by Phonesexsavior
My wife was curious about toys, and I told her I wouldn't be upset if she bought one, since I travel a lot. Well, I noticed that our phone sex conversations were dwindling. I surprised her at home, without letting her know I was showing up, and I caught her with this Hitachi. I have never seen her more into sex that I have with the Hitachi. It was such a turn on. After watching go through three orgasms, I just had to join her, and I never thought guys could get involved with sex toys. This Surprise Turbo Hitachi Wand should be given to every couple as a wedding present. Thank you Ladygasm!
Review by shinylove89
My mother and I have been really close and open. So for my eighteenth birthday, she bought me the Ladygasm Surprise Turbo Hitachi Wand. At first I was a little freaked, but I knew she just wanted me to be safe. She explained the basics, and after that first night, I don't think I ever want a boyfriend! I plan on getting her one, since I also learned they work just as well as a basic massager, to show her that I care.