Ladygasm Rush - a specially angled butt plug

Ladygasm Rush - a specially angled butt plug

Product details

The Ladygasm Rush is an anal toy designed for both men and women. Made from a material which is flexible enough to feel comfortable going in, but firm enough to be inserted easily, the Ladygasm Rush is an excellent choice for taking your bedroom activities to the next level.

Unlike a simple butt plug, the Ladygasm Rush was originally designed to stimulate a man's prostate, but we received reports from hundreds of women telling us that they too used it to experience anal enjoyment. So if you've never tried a butt plug before, or want to experience the next generation of butt plugs - give the Ladygasm Rush a try!

Click the video above to watch Ms. Ladygasm explain how it works!

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Product reviews

Review by saxyfuntimes
My husband and I wanted to add a little excitement. I wanted anal play, but nothing to severe or unnatural feeling. I am impressed at the size being just right and engineered for a lady. It's nice that it's so pretty yet functional. It's not flat bottomed like most butt plugs, and curves so you can rock back and forth or have it in while being in the act. A nifty pull lets your partner control it, and OOH LA LA!!


Review by shinylove89
Even though it looks like a rubber coat hook, it hooks in the right places. Thanks to Ladygasm for yet another stylish toy.


Review by funinpublic
I was new to this aspect of play, and thankfully it didn't hurt like so many horror stories I've heard from my friends. This was very slender and gentle. I don't care that the hook is so thin. Mine broke in the process.


Review by Babydoll4eva
I like the plug part but the pull tab thing is distracting flopping around back there. I tried both ways and couldn't figure it out. Can you put directions in it that make sense?


Review by JonS
What a pretty toy, thank God not all butt plugs look like traffic ones! Comfort is appreciated when it comes to this gal. We bought ours a few weeks ago and it arrived just fine. I can wear it while I have on jeans or my fave, on a rocking chair and get things going down there myself...


Review by her_property
If you haven’t, you should RUSH out to buy the Ladygasm Rush Angled Butt Plug! I was uncertain if it was just for a man’s prostate, or if it could offer a woman the same pleasure. It’s very nice for both.


Review by unicornhunter84
Its very elegant looking, so you wouldn’t think it produce such intense pleasure. My husband and I both bought one and we have mixed thoughts. He likes it because it really massages his prostate. I don’t care for it because it’s too big and the little ball thing(?) at the end went in to many uncomfortable places.


Review by Phonesexsavior
This thing looked like an IUD or fishing lure, but call me Sponge Bob as this was thing was awesome. It even has a cool handle so no wandering up into No Man’s Land. Many more experiences are to be had with this.