Ladygasm Flux Anal Beads - Silicone anal toy for men & women

Ladygasm Flux Anal Beads - Silicone anal toy for men & women

Product details

The Ladygasm Flux is an easy way to explore the pleasures of anal play. Shaped somewhat like traditional anal beads, this is no ordinary anal toy. The Ladygasm Flux is made from medical grade silicone, the easiest to clean and most hygienic out of all sex toy materials. Each of the beads is larger than the next, making this the perfect toy for beginners.

The first ball is easy to insert, the second will feel more intense, and the third - well...lets just say we saved the best for last. By the time you or your partner inserts the 3rd bead, all that's left is the ring. Pulling slowly on the ring will give your partner the sensation of his or her life! We promise.

Just listen to Ms. Ladygasm explain how the toy works in the short video above.

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Product reviews

Review by shinylove89
We purchased these after seeing them online and buying the Flex. I really didn't like the color or stiffness. Price was ideal, and shipping fast.


Review by Phonesexsavior
Penthouse forums has mentioned beads a few times, and it was decided next time I was shopping online I would order some nice beads. I didn't like the boring white ones- and these seem pretty and fun. All my toys are pink. I highly recommend these for prettiness and ease of use. Price is average, but they can last through a lot!


Review by her_property
These were really nice and I am impressed with the design. Some strands have up to 8 or 10 beads, and that is very excessive. I like the fact it’s a pretty hot pink and not that sickly white with white rope most anal beads come on. The rope is very, very hard to clean. Overall I am very happy with my purchase!


Review by funinpublic
I like a product that believes less is more. These were a nice medium size and when we tried to insert them, they were stiff enough to help enter, beads in the past you have to use the tip of your finger and that smell never is sexy. The way they are sized helps insertion as they gradually get bigger. Anal play just got a whole lot easier. Now to convince my husband he would like them!


Review by Babydoll4eva
There was some extra cash in my Christmas fund, and had always heard how fun anal beads can be. I really enjoyed these and while a bit awkward at first, I was by myself, but they stayed in there once inserted. I like to wear them in a while to get ready for a fun night of anal play. My man goes rock hard when he knows I have readied myself all day for him. Thanks Flux Beads!