Ladygasm Flex - Highest quality flexible cyber-skin

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The Ladygasm Flex is unlike any other dildo you'll find on any other website. We've built a flexible spine inside of this dildo, so that you can position it the exact way that's right for you. Prefer a curve to the left, to the right, or even an S shape? Just take a few seconds and bend it to your personal preference.

The Ladygasm Flex has a large rounded base, which will stay put on any hard surface so you can grind on it to your heart's content. More than several women have even written in to tell us how they used the Flex to have a 3-some without inviting another man into their homes! This hyper-realistic dildo definitely creates a lot of fun possibilities whether you use it alone or with your partner.

It measures 7 inches long by 5 inches thick - the perfect size for about 90% of women. Click the video link to watch Ms. Ladygasm explain exactly how it works.

Material Safety safety
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Hypo-allergentic, Latex-free
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Not Electric
Flexes To Any Position
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Product Reviews

Review by Babydoll4eva
I have to say, not very fond of this product. My male partner thought he would surprise me, and I ended up surprising him. I'm normally up to trying new things, but this just didn't work out. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like how it moves. We were just starting to get into it, then it shifted and it just ended up hurting. I'm disappointed at the result.


Review by her_property
Like, omg. Did NOT expect to enjoy a bendy dildo! It's just, like, PERFECT. I do wish it was like, smaller though. But yes! It felt so good!


Review by Phonesexsavior
My girlfriend and I just LOVED the Ladygasm Flex. I discovered so many different ways to make my girlfriend squirm and squirt. Let me tell you, I've never had as much fun using toys on my girlfriend as I have with this product.


Review by shinylove89
I loved this product so much, that we bought a second one. My girlfriend and I found out we can do a double penetration by sticking the suction cups together. It bends just perfectly for us to use, we've never had better nights that by using the Ladygasm Flex. Thank you Ladygasm, thank you so much!


Review by FakeLove
This is one great thought process in action. Flex makers had the forethought to put a base for the shaft to sit on. With regular dildos I had trouble keeping them in place. Perfect size and the ability to move makes it even better.


Review by Chul
I can concentrate on what I am feeling and not worry about getting carpal tunnel trying to balance for an orgasm. It's a really nice size too. I had bought a few other toys at the same time; a suction cup is nice but with no base, it takes away inches.


Review by rbjgf007
I do love the velvety soft Cyber Skin, but maybe it's just me- the spine in it causes it to get stuck and sometimes it jabs a wrong way when you come back onto it. Ouchies. The spine isn't all bad as you can aim a bit so for anal, no awkward wraparounds and slips.


Review by unicornhunter84
Wow. Just, wow. The Ladygasms Flex has just brought my thoughts on masturbation to a completely new level. I always thought dildos were straight and boring. But this Ladygasm Flex? Oh my gawd. I've found the best dildo. Ever.


Review by saxyfuntimes
I will admit, this was fun in the beginning, but it moved a bit too much when I really got into it. :/ I would have it comfortable in one position, then it would shift into an uncomfortable position. I ended up keeping it straight to finish the job. I liked the size and width, so I'll just look for one that doesn't move for next time.


Review by funinpublic
This is my second Ladygasm product, and I must say, I LOVE every product I've purchased so far. I haven't found a dildo that can adjust shape, so I was VERY surprised to find out that it moves. After a couple minutes, I found the PERFECT spot, and I don't think I will EVER go back to plain ole' unbending dildos.