Ladygasm Edge - Great for vaginal or anal play

Ladygasm Edge - Great for vaginal or anal play

Product details

The Ladygasm Edge is a super-versatile toy that can be used both vaginally and anally, so you are getting two toys in one. First, men love it! When used anally on a man, the curled rounded tip will stimulate his perineum (the spot between his balls and ass), and will apply pressure to his prostate as well. The result? Super intense orgasms where your man will produce 2-4 times as much semen as normal, and shoot 2-4 times further.

Second, a woman can use this vaginally and anally. If used vaginally, the rounded tip will stimulate your clit while the long end is inside of you rubbing against your g spot. If used anally - you're in for a real treat. The vibration on this model is the strongest battery operated vibrating motor we could get our hands on. So if you or your partner uses it on you at full strength...hold on to your hat!

Watch Ms. Ladygasm explain how it works in the video above.

Material Safety safety
Smooth & Hard
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Powered by
2 AA batteries
User Controlled Vibrations
Special Features
Anal Or Vaginal Use