Ladygasm Brian - Large & totally realistic

Ladygasm Brian - Large & totally realistic

Product details

We worked long and hard in the Ladygasm labs to cast this from a live model - making your experience as realistic as possible. The Ladygasm Brian is longer and thicker than the Ladygasm Alex, measuring 8" long by 5.5" in diameter. Made from our own special material which is safe, hygienic, and extremely realistic, this vibrating dildo is flexible - but also firm enough to feel just like the real thing.

The Ladygasm Brian features a suction-cup bottom which will allow you to securely adhere it to a chair, the floor, the bathtub or even a wall! But don't worry, you can also use it while lying on your back. Don't forget that its also waterproof (excluding the battery case).

The small handheld controller is easy to use, with a simple sliding switch controlling the intensity of vibration. Just pop in 2 AA batteries, and the Ladygasm Brian vibrating dildo is ready to rock! Click the video link above to watch Ms. Ladygasm explain exactly how it works

TPR Cyberskin
Material Safety safety
Slippery With Raised Veins
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Powered by
2 AA Batteries
Vibration, Suction Cup
Special Features


Product reviews

Review by unicornhunter84
BRIAN, BRIAN, BRIAN!!! I love you!!!!

Review by her_property
WOW 8" of YES. I love this product and it has nice big balls on it, and my partner can use the remote to have a little fun. He does hide it sometimes, as the product is that good. Oh Total YUMMIES on this, big veiny thing is sweet, and can stay in place. M

Review by Phonesexsavior
My mistress is very proud her pet can plug himself to the wall and stay there rock steady. When she has tea parties the pets line up in the foyer and situate themselves onto Brians, and we wait fulfilled until the ladies are ready for us. Some squirming is not unusual as a wicked mistress will use the handheld controller. Very nice suction cup that can be placed anywhere and then pop and go; hotel Jacuzzis, subway, and restaurants.

Review by shinylove89
I really liked the length and girthiness, but the testes are too hard and textured. My clit was beat to hamburger for 3 days riding this, so we turned it backwards. Pretty good but weird angle now.Fast Shipping.

Review by zeebot
I love the big plum head on this monster, when that edge catches its just so hot and lifelike. I am recommending this to all my girlfriends. Housewives need love too! Highly recommended!

Review by Babydoll4eva
I found out that my wife does not like it when a product smells like plastic. It was very lifelike but the smell was plasticy. Silky feel and moderate priced.

Review by funinpublic
Brain just makes your mouth water. It’s a model that has such large veins; it really gives the impression of a realistic partner. One that is pleasing and lasts as long s you want him too. Kudos to Ladygasm for the Big Boy Brian!

Review by saxyfuntimes
I was unsure if my wife would want such a big toy, I didn’t want to insult her. I was nervous about giving it to her. Well, no worries there, she LOVES it. I can watch her for hours on this wonderful addition to your line. As long as shes happy, we all are happy. Thanks for a great product.