Introducing Anal Sex Toys to Your Bedroom

Anal sex toys are the hottest thing you could possibly bring into your bedroom

Anal sex toys are becoming more and more popular. Some recent data has shown that one in three couples has experimented with some sort of anal play, and it isn’t just the girls that are receiving. Part of the reason that anal play has become so popular is because both guys and girls can have a great time with the anal experience. Women seem to be more open to having anal if their guy is willing to let them stimulate his ass, and that seems to be a trend that is on the rise. In order for you to understand all of this, we will need to take a moment to discuss the reason why anal play feels good for a guy, as well as why it feels good for a woman.

First, there is something nice about the feeling of anal toys sliding in. There are a lot of nerves in and around your ass hole, and having them stimulated really helps to heighten your arousal. Most people are afraid to even give it a try, though, because the rumors are that it hurts. There is some truth to the rumors, though. The best thing you could do to avoid the pain is use a lot of lube. You also want to take it slowly, and start out with something smaller. As your butt gets used to having something inside, you will be able to move on to a larger object.

If you start out with a toy in the bedroom like the Ladygasm Buzz, you will be able to slowly slide the toy inside without feeling even a pinch of pain. It will feel good whether it is going in your butt or in his. You want to make sure that you take it slowly, though. Once it is inside of his butt, he is going to have a great time because of the prostate stimulation. Not only does stimulation of the prostate gland feel good, but it produces a bit more seminal fluid, which will result in a much better orgasm for him. A lot of guys are learning about this, and prostate play is becoming more popular.

So why do anal orgasm toys feel good for us girls? Well, besides the stimulation of all of those nerves, it heightens the experience of our orgasm, too. It is very different from how it works for a guy, though. When we orgasm, every muscle in our body clenches, and when we are all done, they slowly release. When you have a vibrating anal toy in your butt, you can feel the contraction of your muscles in that area much more intensely. The extra intensity heightens the pleasure of your orgasm, and it allows you to “come down” much more gently as your muscles slowly relax.

It really doesn’t matter what you are looking for in terms of fun in the bed room. Using toys for anal play can make everything more fun. It is kinky, dirty, and fun all at the same time. A word to the wise, though: make sure you evacuate before you experiment with anal play to avoid a mess. You definitely want to make sure that there isn’t anything up there before you start sticking fingers and toys inside. It is totally natural, though, if there is a bit of a mess, so don’t fret too much. Just hop in the shower and clean up.

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