How to use a butt plug

Never used a butt plug before? Want to try it without causing yourself an injury? Of course you do. All you need is a little direction on how to use this sensational sex toy.
Just as you can enjoy vibrators for vaginal masturbation, you can use anal sex toys to discover the powerful pleasures of anal sex and masturbation. The level of enjoyment and the size and shape of the anal toy is down to the individual. So once you have chosen your butt plug (you are probably best starting with a beginner’s kit, there are loads available at online sex stores) and you are alone after a great bath, how do you use it?

Using a butt plug for the first time

The first time you experiment with these anal orgasm toys it is best to do so alone to see if you like it. You can use this fantastic sex toy with or without a condom. The butt plug, if kept clean is going to cause you no problems in terms of health and hygiene.

Put the condom over the anal toy. This will help with clean-up after your session.

• Lube up, and use plenty of it. Lube can be messy but it’s absolutely essential, so make sure you have an area prepared that will not be ruined by the lube making a mess.

• Position the top of the anal pleasure tool at the entrance to your sphincter, and just get used to the feel of the toy at entrance to your back door.

• Slowly push the tip of the plug in, the word is slowly. No big or sudden movements, the idea here is to get used to the anal orgasm toys entering the anus. Without knowing you will be fighting it, as the muscle is used to pushing out. After all that is what it is designed for.

• IMPORTANT. If it hurts stop or slow down, or even take a break. This is not a competition, your body will need to be trained to enjoy it You will of course feel the tightness, stretching and some discomfort depending. Go SLOW and stop if you feel any real pain.

• Don't expect to be take it all in one go, it may take many times, but as soon as it enters the sensation will start. Just enjoy it and remember that anal penetration is as much fun as using the vagina.

Make sure that the item you are inserting has a handle or a flared base, avoid the use of inflexible anal toys. The anus is curved and it can be painful to push a hard, straight object too far in.

Start with small toys when you are a new starter in the joy of anal pleasuring. Just ensure that the lube is everywhere, as the anus does not lubricate itself unlike the vagina or even the penis.

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