How to Shop at an Adult Superstore

So you want to buy some adult toys. Perhaps you want to spice up your solo sex life, or you want to bring some extra fun to your loving with your partner. Either way, an adult superstore is the way to go. These large, well-stocked shops feature the best and latest adult toys, the old faithful standbys, and a whole array of interesting and innovative sex, romance and just plain fun stuff.

How to Shop at an Adult Superstore

First of all, an erotic toy store can be online or a brick and mortar building. Many popular chains have both platforms, and this makes them extremely convenient. Online shopping is great for its anonymity and convenience, but real stores have their advantages, too. If you have an actual store in your area, it might be a good idea to go in person, since sometimes things look like a great idea online, but when you actually get them into your hand you might change your mind.

An adult superstore is nothing like the old dirty bookstore stuck in a back alley or relegated to the outskirts of town of yesteryear. A modern adult toy store can be in a mainstream shopping center or mall, and it will look and feel much like a regular retail store—aside from the displays of dildos, BDSM props, and adult movies. They are clean, well-lit, have well-organized displays and good selections of merchandise, and have staff members that are friendly and knowledgeable, not creepy. Many of the adult sex shop of the big name variety have a lot of community services, like free workshops about spicing up a relationship, proper use and care of erotic products, and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Before you go into an adult superstore, you may want to have a game plan, or you might end up wandering aimlessly and buy too many things, since there is so much interesting stuff. If you’re in the mood to purchase a vibrator, check out vibrators online first, and decide on a model and type you like. Most of the bigger sex toy store chains also have an online store, so you can find out if the local store has your item in stock, and if not, order it ahead of time. Find a good adult sex shop by looking at online listings in your area.

The most popular items for sale at an erotic toy store are usually vibrators, sex toys for couples, and videos. Massage aids, lubes, games, costumes and fetish props, male sex toys, magazines and books, and novelties can also be found on the shelves. Go in and shop with your partner or a friend, and spend some time browsing. You never know if something fun might catch your eye. There is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality and having a good time in bed, alone or with your partner.