How to Pick the Perfect Anal Sex Toy for Guys

Using an Anal Sex Toy for Both of You

Having an anal sex toy that can please you and stimulate his prostate is great. It can be tough to figure out what kind of toy is right for both of you, though. There are several toys that are designed to stimulate him in just the right way that can also be used for you. If you haven’t ever heard about prostate stimulation for your guy, then you are in for a big treat.



In this article you will learn:

1. How to give him great prostate orgasms with a prostate stimulator
2. Which anal toy is great for both of you
3. Where to buy this amazing anal orgasm tool

If you don’t know what a prostate orgasm is, then you are in for a great treat. Guys have a small gland inside of their anus called the prostate. This gland is important for guys because it produces the semen that comes out during their orgasm. The prostate pushes out this fluid, and it combines with the sperm from his testicles in the urethra. The amount of fluid that it produces determines how “big” the orgasm is, and the strength of the prostate determines how powerful the orgasm will be.

You can use a toy that will be easy to insert in his anus that stimulates the prostate. It is located at the top of his anal cavity, in the same basic place where your g-spot is located inside your vagina. If you have the right toy, you can use it on yourself, first, then use it on him to give him an amazing orgasm.

There is a toy called the Ladygasm Voyager. This toy was originally designed to be a prostate massager, but a bunch of women started buying it and using it to stimulate their clits and g-spots. When it was realized that the toy was being used this way they started marketing it towards women just as much as they did for men. This is good news, because you can get this toy easily, now, at the online sex shop.

When you purchase it, make sure that you also get some lube. You might be able to use it on yourself without lubricant, but you definitely don’t want to try to put it in his bum without a lot of lube. You can also use it on your own ass, although you don’t have a prostate that can be stimulated.

One of the best experiences that I ever had in the bedroom was with this toy. I had learned about prostate orgasms and talked to my boyfriend about them. We were both excited at the prospect of giving him a super orgasm with a huge load. We went in the bedroom and started out with the regular routine of foreplay and then moved on to some normal fucking. After a while, I asked him if he was ready for me to give him that amazing orgasm.

He threw me down on the bed and started working me with the Voyager after I asked that. He licked me until I came with the toy buzzing against my g-spot. After that, he told me that he was ready.

I could tell that he was nervous, and he flinched a little as I slipped it inside, but I knew as soon as I found his prostate because he started moaning.

As soon as I wrapped my lips around his head he exploded. I was pretty surprised that this anal sex toy caused such a huge orgasm, but the smile on his face told me that he was really glad that we gave it a try.