How to Have Fun With a Butt Plug

Anal sex is something that has been around as long as there have been humans. Ancient Greeks and Romans engaged in back-door play, as did other cultures. It fell out of public approval during the Dark Ages, when a homosexual man was considered a tool of the Devil, and any kind of sex act between a man and woman needed to be procreative (no oral sex!) or it, too, was sinful. Things have changed a lot in the past centuries, and now anal sex and using anal sex toys such as a butt plug is a fairly accepted procedure. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.

How to Have Fun with a Butt Plug

A butt plug is, pretty much, exactly what it sounds like. It is a solid tool that is designed to be inserted into the ass and left there, normally during masturbation or sex with a partner, although some people are so into anal stimulation they will actually stick one in and walk around all day, kinky beneath their clothes. These anal toys should be made of one solid piece so there are no irritating ridges or seams, and should be of a non-porous, non-toxic substance such as silicone, Cyber Skin, acrylic, glass, metal, or hard plastic.

Anal sex toys vary in shape, just like asses vary. Some are small and squat, others are long and skinny, and some are so large your ass puckers up just thinking about putting them up there where the sun doesn’t shine. Most beginners start out with a basic spade-shaped plug, and then they graduate upward and outward as their butts get accustomed to more size.

Always make sure your anal penetration toy has a flared base, because one thing you don’t ever, ever want to experience is having to go to the emergency room to have an anal orgasm toy extracted from your anus. No matter how discrete you might want to be, everyone and their brother in that hospital will make some excuse to come by your room and chuckle. Not recommended. The flared base keeps your sphincter muscles from tightening up and sucking that toy right up into the ascending colon. This is funny in concept, but in reality is no joke—your intestine could rupture or become damaged, needing surgery. Not funny or fun at all.

Some anal toys shapes are more like graduated rows of beads or ridges; the idea is that pulling them out, popping them in, or tugging/adjusting the anal penetration toy while it is inserted causes a stimulation of the thousands of nerve endings that populate that little, much-maligned and neglected part of your body. Don’t be ashamed or afraid; experiment a bit. Some anal sex toys have waves or undulating shapes that also cause distinctively intense waves of pleasure, while others are simply sizable and get things zinging down under by applying pressure to your prostate gland (in a guy) or causing a very fulfilling sensation of fullness in a girl.

One major rule for using a butt plug or any other penetrative anal sex toy: lube. Lots of lube. The more lube, the better, because the anus does not generate its own lubricant as the vagina does. Dry insertion of an anal orgasm toy, or even worse, dry extraction, can cause severe pain and damage to the anus and sphincter. No one wants to end up with a torn ass or a bad case of hemorrhoids from irresponsible anal toys usage, do they? I don’t think so.

Anal sex play is fun and normal, whether solo or with a partner. Gay or straight, back door boogying can be improved with using a sex toy designed just for that purpose, such as a good anal penetration toy. Try it out sometime; you never know what you’ve been missing!