How to Get the Most from Your Hitachi Wand

What is it about the Hitachi wand that gets the juices flowing?

The Hitachi wand is one of the most popular sex toys of all time. Up until recently, though, the toy wasn’t even heard of. So where did it come from and why are so many women going crazy for this vibrator? Well, the wand was invented by a Japanese manufacturer and gained prominence in America when it was featured in a few pornographic films. The toy was seen as a novelty, at first, but when everyone saw how much fun these adult stars were having with it they decided that they wanted to purchase it, too.

The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally very difficult to find. But as manufacturers of sex toys became aware of the demand for it the toy became easier to find. Since then, the wand has definitely become one of the most sought after toys. If you haven’t heard of it then you might not be paying attention to what is happening in the world of adult sex toys. Who has time to do that, anyway? That is why we put together these informative articles, to help you find and appreciate the best sex toys you can get your hands on. Continue reading this quick guide to learn how to have a great time with the Hitachi Massager.

The first thing you will notice about the wand is that it looks very different from traditional vibrators. You can’t put the type of power in a traditional vibrator that is featured in a Hitachi. These toys feature a tennis ball sized head covered with a soft rubber material. The material allows you to press it very firmly against your clitoris, allowing the maximum transfer of vibrations from the toy into your body. The orgasms you experience from this toy are quick and intense. Many women use the toy to learn how to have multiple orgasms or to overcome the difficulties associated with having a very sensitive clitoris.

Using the wand on a regular basis will allow your body to become accustomed to more intense stimulation. This is great for women who find it difficult to orgasm with anything except for light stimulation. Normal sex or oral stimulation is rather “firm” and if you are having trouble cumming without a lighter stimulation it can lead to a lot of difficulties in the bedroom. Thankfully, using the Hitachi Vibrator will allow you to get over this quickly.

Start by holding the toy against yourself very lightly. Each time you use it, increase the amount of pressure employed. Within just a few sessions you will realize that you aren’t quite as sensitive as you used to be. Instead of this being a bad thing it is actually good news. You will be able to experience more intense orgasms with your partner as he or she is able to apply the full amount of pressure that comes natural with passionate sex.

The wand also features a number of different attachments that you can purchase for different types of stimulation. The Surprise Turbo Hitachi magic wand sold on is a standard magic wand with a bit of additional power to the vibrations. You can fit an attachment on it that will stimulate your g-spot, and you can even find some toys that allow you to stimulate your vagina and anus at the same time. This can provide a great, exhilarating experience if you are willing to give it a try.

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