How to decide on the best dildos

Dildos are the world’s oldest sex toy. There is evidence of their use dating back over 30,000 years. The word itself has appeared in English literature at least 400 years ago. They remain incredibly popular probably because the best dildos are simple to use and can provide tremendous sexual stimulation. The best dildos can excite the vagina or the anus in so many stimulating ways, teasing the thousands of nerve endings around the anus, or nudging up against the clitoris and providing the exact feel of a man’s penis during penetration.
The best rubber cocks - in whatever size, shape, style, and color that you want - can fulfill a fantasy and bring more passion and fun to the bedroom. Using a fake penis as part of your sex life can also create a wonderful experience for someone who wants to explore their sexuality on their own.

Choosing the best dildos

However with all the choice out there they can be very confusing, especially when looking online where you can’t judge the quality or feel the width. However one thing you must look for is a flared base, without a flared base a dildo can literally get sucked into the rectum and will require a very embarrassing visit to the Accident and Emergency ward of your local hospital to extract it.

If you are new to dildos you may want to start with a short dildo rather than a long one. Take baby steps and gradually build your way up to large, thicker toys.

When looking online for realistic dicks, avoid the temptation to allow your eyes to be bigger than your er…pussy or asshole so to speak. It’s a fact many newbies go for dildos that are much larger than they can manage purely because the size and shape of them excites them so much.

One of the toughest things about shopping for the best dildos is the sheer range of choice. You have to make some key decisions. For example, you need to decide if you want a penis shaped or a less defined shaped dildo. Some have curves, some have ripple effects, some are able to form a u shape. Maybe you want a dildo which is ultra realistic showing all the veins and ridges of a real cock. The choice is there in several different materials, weights, lengths and with or without vibrators and multi-speed controllers.

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