How to Choose the Best Realistic Dildos

How I Learned to Choose Realistic Dildos

The first time I heard of realistic dildos I was pretty surprised. A few girlfriends and I went out to grab lunch together, and one of them started talking about this new toy that she ordered. We like to pretend that we are characters from Sex in the city, I guess! –She kept talking about how it felt just like the real thing, and that when she ordered it she really didn’t expect too much. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember the name of it, so she couldn’t tell us what we were looking for. All she remembered is that it came from

I hopped online when I got home that evening, but I couldn’t remember (at that time) the name of the site she had just told me. I started to think that I was getting old and experiencing a senior moment! I typed in “realistic dildos” on google, and I found a bunch of stuff. I hesitated for a while, because some of these things looked like they might not be as realistic as what my friend had described. Eventually I just bit the bullet and I placed an order.

The toy that arrived was nice, and it helped me get off, but it really wasn’t what I was expecting. It turns out that not every toy advertised as realistic is, well, realistic. So after that experience I decided that I would make it my mission to find and try as many realistic penises as I could until I had the perfect toy for myself.

This was a very expensive journey!

It took about six months until I found the toy that I liked the best. I went through about a dozen or so, and while each and every one of them was nice, I just couldn’t find the level of realism that my friend described that night at the restaurant. I tried all sorts of toys, including the big black bruiser (what a name, right?) and toys that were supposedly molded from a real guy. As time wore on I began to start wondering if my friend hadn’t just made everything up that night.

Then I found I knew that the site sounded familiar, but I wasn’t positive if it was what my girlfriend had mentioned. They had (and still have) three different penis replicas on their site. One vibrates, and it’s called the Alex. The other is a big eight incher known as the Brian. The third model is really special – it has a flexible spine that allows you to position it however you want. This one is called the Flex. How creative!

Feeling that I was at the end of my rope I ordered all three rubber cocks and figured this would be the last time I tried to find the toy of my dreams. When they came I was pretty surprised. They looked and felt more realistic than any other toy that I had ever felt. I was a little creeped out at first, actually. It felt like Ms. Bobbit had just mailed me a package of her favorite treats.

I got over it and gave these toys a try and I was pleasantly surprised. The Alex felt real, but the vibrations kind of ruin that feeling (it’s nice, don’t get me wrong! I just wanted the “real thing”). The flex was great, too, but I wasn’t that impressed.

The Brian is, without a doubt, the best of the bunch. It is about the same size as most penises and it is nice and thick. Of all the realistic dildos I have used, this one is definitely the best of the bunch.