How to Choose and Buy Dildos

Who exactly came up with the concept of the dildo will never be answered, since the earliest known example of one dates back almost 30,000 years. The trail is cold now. All we need to know is that dildos are a sex toy staple, and you can buy dildos pretty much at any sex shop. They are good for all kinds of sex play, and it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, male, female or bi, a dildo can bring some extra sass to your sex.

How to Choose and Buy Dildos

Dildos are basically representations of the male penis, whether lifelike or more abstracted. They can be made of all kinds of materials, ranging from silicone to jelly rubber to Cyber Skin; some of the more interesting ones are made of glass, metal, or wood. They can be basic or very ornate, and can come smooth or textured, depending on the user’s friction preferences.

Who is it that will purchase dildos? Anyone. A straight man might engage in dildo play with his female partner, penetrating her with it, or even allowing himself to be penetrated or stimulated by it. A straight female might masturbate with it, whether by penetration (anal or vaginal), or maybe to stimulate the clitoris only. Many lesbians buy realistic penises to use in their sex play, especially strap on versions and double-ended dildos known as “double dongs.” Gay men use them in sex play, too, as masturbation tools for anal stimulation or during sex with their partner. Dildos are very versatile, and they can be used in whatever manner the user prefers.

When you buy masturbation toys, make sure you buy them from a reputable supplier, and that they are made of quality materials. These are sex toys, after all, and they will be going into some very delicate areas. You do not want to buy dildos made of dangerous materials such as cheap jelly rubber manufactured in China. This material is often contaminated with phthalates, which are chemicals used to soften rubber and plastic. Phthalates are hazardous and can cause skin problems, cancer and infertility.

A good dildo is one that is the size, girth, and texture that feels best to you. Some people prefer a very realistic feel, and for these people it is recommended that they buy dildos made of silicone or Cyber Skin. Cyber Skin is one of the newest sex toy materials, and it is extremely lifelike. Some of the most high-end sex toys are made of this material. However, both of these materials are non-porous, which is important considering that STDs and bacteria can be transmitted from one partner to the other during sex play, and even during masturbation the user can make themselves ill.

For example, in anal penetrative sex with a dildo, the sex toy might come in contact with bacteria in the rectum. It is impossible to get rid of it entirely, no matter how “clean” someone is; e coli and other bacteria occur naturally in the human digestive tract. If you forget to wash your hands afterward (although it is always best that you use a condom and even gloves during this kind of sex play) and touch your mouth or other object, you could infect yourself or someone else with a potentially deadly illness. These germs can be absorbed into sex toy material, so any porous material, such as rubber and elastomer, should be avoided when you purchase a realistic penis, unless you are completely committed to using a condom during play with the toy.