How to Choose a Safe Butt Plug

One method for exploring anal sex is via usage of sex toys specifically designed for back door pleasure, such as a butt plug. An anal toy is any sex toy that you use for stimulating the rectum, anal opening, or prostate gland. Although practically any dildo or vibrator could technically be used for anal sex play, it is always best to only use those particularly designed for this kind of sexual activity, for safety and other reasons.

How to Choose a Safe Butt Plug

First of all, when you are selecting any anal toys, make sure it is of the proper size for your level of experience and pleasure. Anal newbies should stick to smaller sizes, because the ass needs some time to become accustomed to being stretched regularly. A smaller anal pleasure toy with a couple of pleasantly stimulating ridges or undulations in its design will produce amazing sensation upon insertion, removal and “adjustment” during the entire time it is being used, without causing danger to unprepared rectal and anal tissue. If you’re an experience backside player, using a larger or more extremely shaped anal sex toy is appropriate.

Another major consideration in choosing the right butt plug is how it was made. Always choose an anal penetration toy that is made in one piece, because anytime there is a seam, there is the potential for irritation of the ass over time. It might not feel like much of anything at first, but a tiny raised ridge caused by the junction of two pieces of rubber, plastic or other substance will eventually cause pain. Think of the “Princess and the Pea” fairy tale—but this is a literal pain in the ass, here.

Material is important in choosing your toy, too. Most people really enjoy the slickness of a glass, metal, acrylic or hard plastic anal pleasure toy; it makes for easier insertion and extraction, and you can use your choice of lubricants. Silicone, while nice and flesh-like to the touch, is expensive and can become damaged with the use of a silicone-based lube; likewise with rubber or jelly rubber anal toys with oil-based lubes. A butt plug made of jelly rubber should be avoided anyway, especially if they were made in China or another Asian country that does not restrict the use of phthalates. These chemicals make rubber and plastic softer and more pleasant to the touch, but they can also cause infertility, skin problems and even cancer with prolonged exposure. All toys, anal or not, should be certified phthalate-free, or not purchased at all.

Once you have the proper anal penetration toy, make sure you use it responsibly. Since it is, after all, inserted in the ass, always keep it clean. Wash it between uses with an antibacterial cleanser that is appropriate for the material and keep it dry. Never share an anal sex toy or other sex toy unless you use a condom. Also, always use plenty of the right lube. Extracting or inserting an anal sex toy without enough lube can damage the ass, and that can lead to pain, infection, and a loss of a potential good time.