If you think all adult sex shops are sleazy places where guys ogle porn and pick up telephone numbers of prostitutes, you have obviously not visited one in the past decade. A feminine friendly revolution has swept in and today many of the leading adult sex shop chains are as bright and breezy and inviting as your favorite clothing store. The new wave adult sex store is more like Gap than sleazy crap.

How the adult sex shop has changed

Sex toy marketing has come right out of the closet and today you can pick and choose your vibrator the way you would your portable music accessory or cellphone, comparing price, comparing functions and seeing if it appeals visually. In fact the two technologies have even combined. You can buy music players that send powerful vibes to your most personal places.

In the West, while many conservative views still exist, it has become entirely acceptable that people should explore their need for sexual gratification in a store the way most of us do the supermarket shopping. You can literally load up a cart with sexual goodies for the weekend.

Bricks and mortar sex stores enable you to see what’s out there, and what’s out there is stunning. The sex toy and novelty industry is worth billion annually so the choice is simply eye popping.

There are vibrators and dildos of every imaginable kind for the ladies, and ultra realistic masturbators for guys, many of them made from the molds of real porn stars.
Like all highly competitive product lines, sex toy manufacturers are always trying to introduce the next big trend or curve in the market.
Some recent trends that have swept through the adult toys store world include designer vibrators. These are top quality vibrators that are not only great to use but great to look at too, and can be proudly displayed as ornaments. Swedish company LELO, with its typically open Scandinavian approach to sex is the sex toy company that led the way in this type of design.

Another trend is prostate massagers for guys. If you have been on this planet for over four thousand years you can tell the young upstarts marketing these toys that there is absolutely nothing new about prostate massage, but then every new generation believes it has invented sex.

The renewed interest in the prostate stemmed from the fact that the penis is extremely well catered to with a huge range of masturbator sex toys. Therefore the next obvious trend was to go round the back and focus on the perineum and prostate. Since the introduction of toys such as the Aneros Helix prostate massager, several heterosexual guys have started experimenting sex toys for the old back door and have enjoyed incredible sensations from an ever growing arsenal of cleverly designed toys.

But perhaps the biggest trend is for sex toys to go from being in a real store, to being sold via a virtual store.

For example, Mangasm.com, one of the market leaders in male anal sex toys, was started 18 months ago. It’s an online sex shop with a complete range of toys to put up your anus.

The same company will shortly launch a new sister sex store aimed at women, fittingly called Ladygasm.com It will be selling a wide variety of the most popular women’s sex toys on the market, including a superb range of vibrators, some with attachable rabbit ears and some without. There will also be a wide choice of Ladygasm branded sex toys including vibrators, dildos, and even Hitachi wand style toys.