How Can Silicone Dildos Help You Get Off?

You can use silicone dildos to get off

Think about silicone penises for a moment. Think about what it would be like to have a real man penetrating you, plunging deeper and deeper inside until you both reach sexual climax together. Now think about all of the things that go along with that experience. You have to spend a lot of time finding a decent guy and then you have to spend time with him, too. Of course, you could go out to any bar to pick up a guy, but that’s not safe, especially with all of the diseases out there today.

If you have never used a vibrator or silicone dildos before, you might be afraid to purchase your first one. This is totally normal, and most women are afraid the first time they purchase their toy. But you will get over that pretty quickly. Either you will get really horny (and tired of your hand) or you will just decide that it isn’t as bad as you originally thought. Being able to buy your toys online also makes it easier than ever to get them without having to feel embarrassed.

You can get your toys from a number of places, and my favorite is the Ladygasm website, so I won’t talk too much about that. Just make sure that whatever store you are purchasing from offers fair prices and discreet shipping. You don’t want the mail man smiling at you when he requests a signature for that big eight incher that you just ordered last week.

The problem that most women have with silicone dicks is that they don’t vibrate. While this was true at one time, there are now silicone toys that include vibrations. Some work with a removable vibrating bullet, and others have a separate little controller connected to the toy with a short cord. Either way, you can now get a realistic dildo that vibrates. If you aren’t into a toy that looks like it came from the space age, then these are some of your best options.

Take the Ladygasm Alex, for example. This is an ultra realistic toy that features vibrating functionality. You can experience the thrill of feeling a real dick sliding in and out of you while it buzzes away. And that really is the best thing about using silicone dildos. They’re very realistic. While a normal vibrator, or even a rabbit, can help you get off quickly, there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as having something that feels real inside of you.

Your body craves the feeling of a real penis deep inside. That is just how evolution made us. We are driven to want sex for primarily reproductive reasons, even when we just want to lay down and get our brains fucked out for real pleasure. Being able to use silicone sex toys allows you to play out that type of fantasy. Something like the rabbit, or a hitachi magic wand allows you to get off, but it doesn’t give you the real feeling of having a man plunging deep inside of you.

So think about this for a while before you buy your next toy. Do you already have something that allows you to live through the realistic experience of getting fucked? If you do, do you have more than one different type of toy? Having a big ten incher and a smaller five incher will allow you to keep things interesting.

When you are ready to grab your next toy, take a look at what they have at the Ladygasm website. Their silicone dildos are quite realistic, and they also feature a number of high tech gadgets to help you get off in different ways.