Hitachi Wand Accessories: More Fun

Hitachi Wand is quite possibly the most popular vibrator in existence. It is well known for its amazing orgasm creation capabilities. Some users do of course have a few complaints about this toy, but hey, you can’t please everyone. In effort to narrow the gap between reality and pleasing everyone, many after market accessories have been created to try and make this amazing item even better.

The Hitachi Wand: Accessories

In an effort to resolve customer dissatisfaction with the Hitachi Magic Wand, many companies have created ingenious new products to address some common complaints. The most common gripe about this massager is that even on its lowest setting, it is still too strong for many women. A great solution for this problem is the Hitachi Vibrator Variable Speed Attachment. This innovative device allows you to plug you Hitachi Wand into it and adjust the vibration speed to whatever level you like best via a dial. It also comes with a 6 foot long cord, which can help with another common problem of needing to be close to a power outlet.

Another commonly cited limitation of the Hitachi Vibrator is the lack of penetration, since this vibrator is not designed to enter body cavities. The attachments made to address these needs are covers which fit snuggly onto the vibrating head of the personal massager. These range from a simple, smooth, curve tipped phallus for G Spot or P Spot stimulation to things that look kind of like props for science fiction movies. One of the more exotic attachments features a nubbed clitoral stimulator, a curved G Spot stimulator that reaches into a woman’s vagina, and a third part that strongly resembles a unicorn horn that acts as a back door buzzer. Most women were once young girls with unicorn posters on their walls, so maybe this is a way to bring those earlier fantasies into the present.

The last accessory I want to mention is the Hitachi Magic Wand Love Seat. This thing is great. For under a hundred bucks, ladies can turn their heavy, somewhat hard to hold for long periods of time Hitachi Wand into a rideable pussy shaker that will rattle her lady parts to earth moving orgasms. The Hitachi Vibrator Love Seat is a hypoallergenic foam cushion with a hole in the middle of it. Simply slide you vibrating sex toy into the snug cavity and adjust the height to fit your body’s needs. Once the vibrator is properly in place, turn on the power, straddle it, and enjoy hands free use of your Hitachi Magic Wand. Another awesome option to this accessory is to straddle it in reverse while with your lover, leaving your lady parts perfectly positioned for some penetration from behind (or penetration in the behind) while the 6000 RPM personal massager pulses pleasingly against your clit.

Whatever your particular needs are, if you love your vibrating sex toy but feel it could be even better with just a few additions, there are plenty to choose from out there, and I have only touched on three here. Look around and see which are best for you.