Hitachi Magic Wand – the magic’s still there!

Vibrators, like all kind of other products, go through design trends. By the nineties, once designers began to realize that women wanted more out of a vibrator than just a penile object, they began to create vibrators that molded themselves more accurately to the female form and which became nicer to look at and better to use. The Rabbit Vibrator took the world by storm some ten years ago. Then slimline vibrators no larger than a lipstick container became the new must have.

Throughout all the many changes to vibrators there has remained one constant. The Hitachi Wand. In fact the Hitachi Magic Wand was never designed to be a vibrator at all. Its original purpose – and the purpose for which it is still marketed is a massager to relieve muscle tension, ease back aches and soothe aching bodies. However, it wasn’t long at all before ladies began to realize that as a massager the Hitachi Magic Wand made an even better vibrator.

Hitachi Magic Wand – an instant hit

Maybe if the Hitachi Magic Wand was introduced today as a vibrator it wouldn’t be the legend it has become. The machine was introduced in the 70’s at a time when vibrators were basic at best. Few had controllable speeds, they looked gimmicky, and yet these sex toys for women offered two powerful speeds, 5000rpm and 6000rpm.

Unlike other vibrators the Magic Wand was mains controlled so there was never any worry it might run out of batteries just before things got really interesting. It’s also big, sturdy and built to last. At 12.5 inches in length you couldn’t slip this big boy into your purse but on the other hand several women have managed to make it last 7 years or more and still gain hours of pleasure from its flexible massage head.

In forum reviews, some women have complained that the toy is so powerful it deadens sensitivity in the clitoris or makes them reach the point of no return too quickly.

To avoid this clit stimulator from being overly pumping and pulsating first play lightly around the erogenous zones without trying to pile-drive the clit into submission. Secondly, you can dampen the ardour of the Magic Wand with a towel or a pair of sport socks over the massager.

The Magic Wand is excellent for beginners and experts alike. Many women love the discreet shape of the Hitach Magic Wand because it could just as easily be a back massager as a vibrator, and the stimulation is strong.

But although the Magic Wand was designed in the 70s it has kept pace with the times, and today there are several attachments designed to make it even more user friendly. These include pleasure beads attachment sends sensual stimulation with spheres of pleasure. The attachment is made from soft gel so it feels great and is easy to clean. It makes it flexible and slides snugly onto the wand for a secure fit.

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