Having Fun With Women Sex Toys

Sex toys are for everyone: male or female; straight, gay or bi; and solo or with a partner. There are an amazing number of men’s and women sex toys available now, for every type of preference, kink or perversion. Female sex toys are a great way for women to enjoy their bodies and increase their sexual pleasure whether by themselves or with a partner.

Choosing Women Sex Toys

The first thing to consider when choosing sex toys for women is what kind of experience are you after? Some women prefer clitoral stimulation, others love vaginal penetration, some enjoy anal play, and some want a bit of everything! That is why they are so many products out there for women, because luckily women have so many pleasurable options.

If you’re strictly wanting clitoral stimulation, a vibrator is the way to go. These buzzing little buddies are either battery-powered and portable or can even plug into a wall for an amazingly intense experience. For some women, female masturbation toys like rabbit vibrators or small bullets or eggs provide just what they need: direct, intense, fulfilling stimulation of the clitoris. There is a wide variety of vibrators for massaging the clitoris and all kinds of new innovations are coming out all the time, such as remote controls or voice-activated controls, waterproof vibrators that are great for the bath, variable speeds of vibration and rotation, and even more ergonomic designs. Vibrators come in many materials, ranging from silicone, latex, glass, hard or gel-textured plastic, rubber, or even precious metals like gold!

Often, a girls sex toys collection just isn’t complete without something shaped like a cock—hence the dildo. Dildos are the oldest type of sex toys; there are images of dildos in ancient artwork all over the world. Women can use a dildo alone to bring themselves to orgasm or to enhance the pleasure of clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration. Strap-on dildos are great additions to bisexual and lesbian sex play, as are double-ended dildos, with options like vibrating stimulation for both partners. Dildos come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and, most importantly, lengths and girths.

One type of sexual stimulation that was once taboo but has been growing in acceptance is anal play. The traditional gamut of anal sex aids like anal beads and butt plugs has always existed, but these are primarily marketed for male gay sex. New trends are emerging in anal female sex toys due to the increasing demand for them. Many women find that they really enjoy having their anal area massaged or penetrated, especially in tandem with vaginal penetration and/or clitoral stimulation. Several toys are available for double penetration, resembling the familiar rabbit design, with or without vibration, and some even include a clitoral stimulator. When used properly and with judicious amounts of water-based lube, anal sex play with the right toys can add a whole new dimension to a woman’s erotic experiences.

For the more adventurous – women sex toys catering to fetish and fantasy are available, too. Nipple clamps and suction cups are big sellers. Clamps are fastened onto a woman’s nipples, causing direct and constant stimulation that many women find extremely pleasurable. Nipple suction cups increase blood flow, or engorgement, of the nipple area, amplifying sensitivity in the area. “Sex machines,” such as the Sybian or the Fucking Machine, give women a wild ride that stimulates all areas of the female genitalia, plus offers rocking or rhythmic bucking action that mimics intercourse. Whips, crops, handcuffs and other BDSM items can add a touch of daring to a couple’s sex life that links the erogenous zones with the rest of the body and, more importantly, the mind and spirit.

With a little experimentation and spirit of adventure, women sex toys can inject—or vibrate—a huge change in a woman’s sex life in every way.