Having Fun in Adult Sex Shops

My wife and I occasionally visit adult sex shops. I mean actual brick and mortar establishments. While the discreet nature of online adult toy shops is a big plus, it is often a very fun experience to go to an actual store to browse for sex toys.

Adult Sex Shops: Where Do They Find Such Great Employees?

Many people who wish to purchase such intimate items as sex toys may feel shy or embarrassed about walking into a building where such things are sold. There could be other customers inside who might snicker at your selections. What will the store clerk(s) say about you once you have bought something and left? People who get overly hung up on things like that should probably shop online for sex toys exclusively. However, I have news for you if you fall into that category: you are being overly paranoid. I mean, seriously, there is nothing to worry about.

Remember one of the extra scenes on one of the Jackass DVD’s? Johnny Knoxville buys a gay oriented sex toy in an adult sex shop (a ‘pocket ass’ he called it, complete with cock and balls in front of the business area), then he applies fake blood to the thing and returns it to the store. If we pause to think about that scene, and look past the jackassedness of it (pun intended) we can see how great the customer service attendants in the adult toy store really are.

The girl who waits on Mr. Knoxville offers him a ‘pocket ass’ of a female nature first, but she does not bat an eye when he says that what he wants is a man’s ass. There was no judgment in her look or attitude, just a willingness to help a customer find what he wanted.

When the practical joke portion of the scene came to pass, the store manager listened to the complaint regarding the customer’s purchase, and while seeing a sex toy coated in blood did give the poor guy pause, he still acted very professionally. When it comes to situations of a sexual nature, few people if any wish to come in contact with a stranger’s blood, obviously, but the adult sex shop manager simply put on latex gloves and attempted to solve the problem in front of him.

This is what I mean when I pay tribute to the employees of erotic toy stores. My wife and I have visited adult sex shops in four states within the United States, as well as several locations in foreign countries. And in every one of them, the employees have been respectful, helpful, and just generally pleasant to deal with. The same can be said for other customers you might encounter when visiting sex toy shops.

I´m not completely sure how these people in all the different adult sex shops can all be so polite and professional, but if I had to guess I would say that these people have seen it all, long before you ever walked in. At the end of it all, just remember, the other customers are there looking for intimate items as well, and the employees are there to help you find what you are searching for, and their desire for customer satisfaction goes way beyond what you might expect in more mundane stores (get it? customer satisfaction).

So, there is simply nothing to feel shy about. Go shopping with confidence.