Have Long Lasting Orgasms with a Hitachi Magic Wand

How Can You Have a Long Orgasm with the Hitachi Magic Wand

Using the hitachi magic wand is one of the best ways to experience the longest, most intense orgasm that you could ever ask for. When this toy was designed in Japan, the creator wanted to provide an intense experience for women who require more than the usual amount of pressure on their clitoris. At first, it was thought that this toy could only be used by women who have trouble reaching orgasm with normal vibrators. But as the popularity of this toy grew, more and more women began using it.

Women who are extremely sensitive might have a hard time using the Hitachi Vibrator at first. The key is to only apply light pressure to the clitoris. Some women may even have to “hover” to toy over their clitoris while the vibrations stimulate them. Think about the type of oral sex you prefer. If you like really light, fast flicks of the tongue, then you will need to work your way up to having the super hitachi orgasms. If you prefer to have your guy really dig in and press hard with his tongue, then you will be able to learn how to have these long lasting orgasms much faster.

For those of you who need light stimulation, you will want to start by only pressing the hitachi up against your clitoris lightly. Each time you use it, you can apply just a bit more pressure than the last time. Within about three to six months you will be to the point where you are able to press it against yourself very firmly. Once you get to that point, you can start training your body for the long lasting orgasms that only this toy can provide.

In order to achieve the super orgasms of hitachi legend, you will need to just keep trying. The key is to keep applying firm pressure throughout your orgasm. Fight the urge to release the pressure as you start to cum, and you will realize that your orgasm lasts longer than usual.

With each successive attempt, you will be able to get just a few more seconds out of your orgasm. Eventually, you will realize that you aren’t going to be able to cum any longer than what you are getting out of the toy. At that point you have reached the pinnacle of what your body can do.

These orgasms are not only long lasting, but they are also very powerful. Some women report that they had never experienced “female ejaculation” until they started using this toy. It is a good idea to lay a towel down when you start experimenting with the longer lasting orgasms, as you may get extremely wet. You don’t want to have to wash your sheets when you just feel like resting.

These orgasms take a lot out of you. Normally for us girls we cum and then have a lot of energy, but when you use the Hitachi Massager you will become tired. You will feel like you just got done with an intense workout, because every muscle in your body will contract and then slowly release as you finish cumming.

If you don’t think that this sounds like a lot of fun, then that’s fine. But if you are looking forward to having some of the best orgasms known to women, hop on over to the Ladygasm site and pick up their Surprise Turbo Hitachi Magic Wand and prepare for a lot of long nights of orgasmic bliss.