The Hitachi Wand is the Queen of All Vibrators

The hitachi wand has been popular for quite some time now. This toy, invented and manufactured in Japan, became popular in the United States after being featured in a number of adult sex films. As interest in using the toy grew, many manufacturers started producing attachments to enhance the levels of pleasure that this toy can provide.

On its own, the Hitachi Vibrator can help to get just about any woman off. It provides intense vibrations and can also help women achieve long lasting, multiple orgasms. For women who find it difficult to cum via traditional vibrators or regular intercourse, this toy is likely to help. But as fun as it can be cumming for five straight minutes, the toy is rather “vanilla” and can get boring pretty quickly.

Thankfully the popularity of this toy has lead to many different companies producing all sorts of attachments for this toy. Attachments range from traditional looking dildos to rings meant to fit around the penis. There are double pronged toys to stimulate the vagina and anus at the same time, and even an attachment that has a rod for her and a hole for him.

If you already have a hitachi, you definitely want to look at grabbing a few attachments. If you don’t have one, then hop on over to and pick up their Surprise turbo Hitachi Massager, which is one of the most powerful hitachi toys available.

The best part about virtually all of these attachments is that they allow you to continue stimulating your clitoris while using the attachment. With a lot of other vibrators you have to pick one or the other. Imagine providing intense stimulation to your clit, g-spot, and ass while still having a hand free to run all over your body.

There is even an attachment designed to mimic the famous (and popular) design of the Rabbit. If you want a sec toy that can really provide a number of unique options, you have to pick up a Hitachi Magic Wand. Since all wands are pretty much the same, the attachments are universal and can work with whatever wand you already have.

You can purchase an attachment that puts a pocket pussy on the end of your magic wand so that your guy can have fun with it, too.

Of course, the best use for this toy is always going to be training yourself to have multiple, long lasting orgasms. If you don’t already know how to do that, then make sure to look at the other hitachi articles on this site, where we provide plenty of tips and techniques on how to have long lasting, back to back orgasms.

When you first get your toy, you will play with it a lot. Eventually, though, you might get a little bored with it. This is why these attachments are so great. If you have three or four different attachments you can mix up the type and feel of your masturbation every single time.

My personal collection consists of five different attachments. One provide only g-spot stimulation. Another is designed to stimulate my clit with a little nodule, and my vagina with a long shaft. The third has two prongs so I can feel the vibration inside of my anus, in my vagina and on my clit all at once. There is the attachment that my husband can put himself inside while I press the ball against my clitoris, and then I have the rabbit model.

If you want a hitachi wand, with or without attachments, go over to the ladygasm shop and pick one up – you will not regret it!