Getting Off with Cheap Dildos

Buying Cheap Dildos with the Current Economy

Everyone is talking about the state of the economy, but no one ever seems to be talking about buying cheap dildos. Women could save a lot of money if they took the time and effort to look at the options that are available in the lower price range. Cheap sex toys, there are toys that cost or more, but they don’t tend to provide any experience that is really worth the price range. Of course, if you really want a crystal or glass toy, you are going to have to stick with something expensive, but in my experience those toys aren’t as fun as the cheaper options.

In this article we will discuss:

1. Two cheap dildos that are ultra realistic
2. Cheap masturbation toy known as the rabbit
3. Cheap dildos that stimulate the g-spot

Before we move on, I want to make sure that you understand how I am defining “cheap.” While you may be able to find some toys that are as “cheap” as they tend to be utter junk. I have tried one of these before and it broke within the first two weeks I owned it. When you buy a toy at that price range, there is no warranty with it. Save yourself the hassle and don’t throw your money away on toys that cheap.

In this article I am talking about toys that come in right around the fifty dollar range. If that’s a bit much for your budget, I recommend you save up for a few weeks until you can afford one of these toys, because anything cheaper is probably going to give you problems.

The two ultra realistic models I mentioned above are the Ladygasm Brian and the Ladygasm Flex. These are great toys for a girl who wants the feeling of a real cock between her legs, but doesn’t want to waste her time trying to find a good man. When you have found no guys worthy of opening your magic box, but you really need a nice, thick, piece of meat, these toys will satisfy you.

The rabbit has been a popular toy for quite some time. The two toys that I have had the most fun with are the Pump and the Plus. The pump has a little head that bounces up and down, giving you the sensation of having a guy pump his cum into your pussy. The Plus has a tip that wiggles around, providing some g-spot stimulation. The best thing about both of these toys is the clitoral stimulation, and they really deliver when it comes to that.

There is a series of inexpensive toys designed for g-spot stimulation, and the smart team at Ladygasm HQ has actually made these toys for both guys and girls. The Ladygasm Voyager is a big g-spot toy that will vibrate and bump your g-spot or his, and the Ladygasm Buzz is a smaller version of the same toy. Both of these are made from a great material that feels nice when you insert it. They aren’t too expensive, either, meaning you will have plenty of leftover cash for stocking up on lube.

The Ladygasm site is also a great place to look for cheap toys, because they regularly have sales. The last time I went there they had a big 20% off sale, but they regularly feature 10% discounts, and sometimes they even have combo deals.

If you really need a toy but you don’t have a lot of loose change floating around, make sure you check out the Ladygasm shop to get all of your cheap adult toys, and remember to have a lot of fun masturbating!