G-spot play – the best dildos you can get

Ladies, it’s time you got the best dildos for g-spot stimulation.

Girls, it is time that we talk about the best dildos for g-spot stimulation. I recently put a post up on my favorite social media site asking all of my girlfriends if they love g-spot orgasms, and a lot of them wrote back saying that they had never found their g-spot. I was surprised, because I really thought that every single woman knew about stimulating the g-spot for intense orgasms. Unfortunately, I learned that I was wrong. So I wanted to put an article together that discussed the best masturbation toys for g-spot stimulation and where to buy them.

I put this together because I don’t think that any woman should be forced to live through a life without g-spot pleasure. It really is some of the most amazing pleasure that you can have, especially if it is properly paired with clitoral stimulation. So, without further ado, here are my favorite toys for stimulating the g-spot for the ultimate orgasms.

Combining the g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation is essential to experience a fast orgasm full of intense feelings. The best dildos in this category are hard to find, but one that I really enjoy using is the Orgasm Accelerator, which is sold by ladygasm.com. This toy has the perfect angle to hit the g-spot, and it has a nub that vibrates against your clit while the toy is inside. When you turn up the vibrating intensity to its max setting, things will happen very quickly. That is why it is known as the orgasm accelerator. If you can only afford one toy for this purpose, make sure it is this one.

Another toy that I think is one of the best sex toys for g-spot pleasure is the Ladygasm Flex. This is an ultra realistic dildo that features a flexible spine, allowing you to shape it however you please. By putting a slight curve in it, just before the head, you can stimulate your g-spot very easily. It is particularly nice if you are single, because it allows you to combine a realistic experience with g-spot play. This makes it much easier to be single, and with all of the STD’s flying around out there, you know that this could really be a good idea.

Another one of the amazing dildos for g-spot stimulation is the Ladygasm Voyager. This toy comes with a surprise twist, though, that makes it even better for couple play. Not only is it shaped just right to hit your g-spot, but it is also designed to stimulate the male g-spot. That means if you want to give your boyfriend or husband an extra special experience, this toy can serve both purposes. Think about how much he will love it when you teach him about a prostate orgasm and he has the best experience of his life. I have to warn you, though, that when a guy has a prostate orgasm he produces a lot more sperm than under normal circumstances, so make sure you are ready to clean up a big mess.

The best thing you can do is buy a couple of different toys and play with all of them. It will take some time for you to really learn what you like. I would recommend you purchase the Flex if you aren’t sure that you like g-spot stimulation. It really is too intense for some women, and that might be why they haven’t experienced it yet.

Whatever you do, make sure you check out ladygasm.com. Not only do they have articles like this one, but they only feature the best dildos out of all of the different options available.