Fun with butt plugs

Playing with Butt Plugs

Remember as a kid when it was raining you had to do things indoors to amuse yourself? Usually this would involve jigsaw puzzles or making fairy cakes with mother supervising. But now you are all grown up and have put away childish things.

Imagine the howling wind and rain are lashing down outside, it’s just you and your partner in your cosy cottage. You suggest a game of Scrabble but your boyfriend has a better idea. ‘Let’s play with some anal toys.’

A session with anal pleasure tools will quickly help you to forget about the frightful weather outside.

Your boyfriend bids you to go take a bowel movement and thoroughly cleanse yourself. Before you know it you are stripped off, the lights are dimmed, and he is lovingly applying plenty of warm and slippery anal lube around your puckered hole. He even slips his finger inside, sometimes up to the first joint, sometimes all the way in.

That delicious pressure you feel in your anus as he pushes his finger inside is just for starters. Suddenly he whips out a shiny conical object. It’s a stainless steel butt plug. The perfect butt plug is non porous so that it can be easily disinfected. It should have absolutely no seams or sharp edges, just smooth and cool.

Applying plenty of lube to the butt plug and another generous dollop on your butthole, he slowly introduces the butt plug to the mouth of your anus. Gently he starts to push, and you grip the sheets as you feel the probing, insisting power of the cold stainless steel entering your butt.

The anus starts to open and the butt plug glides in gently. Your boyfriend pauses to allow you to get used to this sensation. You gasp a little as the anal toy progresses on its journey to the centre of your anal cavity. Once inside it feels pleasantly full and secure and the flared base prevents it from riding up any further.

Now with a raging hard-on your boyfriend climbs on top of you and slips easily inside your pussy. You gasp as you start experiencing thepowerful dual sensations of the pressure against your vaginal wall and the pumping motion in your pussy. Soon you are on the verge of a massive orgasm that comes in waves.

The rain continues to beat against the windows as you recover from a thunderous orgasm and nestle against him in the warmth and afterglow of some fantastic sex. That’s fun with butt plugs for you.

Identifying the best quality anal sex toys

Buttplugs come in all shapes and sizes, some long and narrow, some short and thick. It’s best to look for non-porous toys for anal fun so they can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Good materials include glass, stainless steel, polished stone or silicone. They should be completely smooth and robustly built with a flared based. Never place butt plugs in your anus and then into your pussy or you will get bacterial infections, and of course they should be disinfected after every session.

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Armed with the buttplugs of your choice, all you have to do is wait for the next cold and rainy day.