They used to be called dirty bookstores, smut shops, even head shops. They were places that unkempt and dodgy-looking men (sorry guys, but it’s true) used to slink into to buy the latest porn mag, see a peep show, or even buy certain kinds of drug paraphernalia. Communities used to picket against, declaring them havens of immorality and smut. Either they were relegated to the outskirts of town, usually off the last exit ramp, or they were tucked into slummy parts of downtown, often with the windows boarded up or blackened. But my, how times have changed now! The smut shop is now a relic of the past, replaced with a full-blown (pardon the pun) adult super store.

The Adult Super Store: A Buffet of Delight!

Today’s adult toy store is a large, well-lit retail space, often located in a well-known shopping center in a busy, prosperous area of town. The staff is well trained, clean and discretely knowledgeable about a wide array of adult matters. The selection of items is unparalleled: whatever you want, they have it, somewhere, in those rows and rows of shelves. One thing about some of the newer versions of the sex toy store is that they have gone urban chic. Many of the smaller ones that you find in malls or nice shopping centers are actually really attractive inside, with lots of open space and high ceilings, slick modern counters and displays, and a more polished, urbane feel. This is done to keep the place from feeling like a smut shop, of course. And to make the adult super store more palatable for local “normal” businesses, of course.

Toward the front of an adult sex shop, you will find the lightweight, inoffensive sexy stuff. Cute costumes, gag gifts like penis candles and silly games, and the less…well, advanced sex toys, like cute little vibrators. Venture toward the back and things get a bit more serious (whoops, another pun). Huge selections of vibrators, dildos, anal toys, sex props like harnesses and slings, lubricants, BDSM props and tools, and more will keep you occupied for hours, if you allow it to. You will see things you never even imagined, if you’re one of the sex-shop uninitiated. Male masturbators, g-spot vibrators, anal probes, butt plugs, and the biggest penetrating dildos you have always or never wanted to know event existed will entrance you. Bring along a friend or lover and giggle, consider, and exclaim over the bizarre things people will do to each other—or themselves. It is all in good fun at the adult super store.

Many shops will have a wide selection of erotic media, such as books, magazines, and videos. Some even offer rental services, so you don’t have to make a big investment every time you get a hankering for a little porn. And these shops will cater to all kinds of kink, so rest assured, you’ll find what you want, even if they have to special-order it for you.

Most, if not every, erotic toy shop will have an online portal as well. These are really convenient if you want to look things over at your own pace, without the paranoia of being spotted in the parking lot by your mother’s best friend from bridge leaving the sewing shop next door. Sometimes you want to think about a sex toy first, read some reviews, before you plop the money down onto the counter and buy it. After all, returns on items like dildos, vibrators and anal toys are non-refundable, at least in every adult sex shop we checked out. At least, we very much hope that kind of return is impossible. For those people, browsing online is much more relaxing. Order from the site itself or go into the shop and buy it at your leisure.

Visit your local adult toy store online or in person to find the latest and greatest in erotic fun and accessories.