Finding the Best Adult Superstore

How can you identify the best adult superstore?

There are a number of women who have written in asking the author how to identify the best adult toy store. The thing that most of these women aren’t understanding is that they don’t have to go to a local shop in order to fulfill all of their wildest fantasies. Instead of worrying about finding a shop that is within driving distance, update your thought process to the twenty first century and start thinking about making your purchases online!

In this article, we will discuss the following:

1. Signs that you are buying from an adult superstore
2. The types of toys you can find in an adult superstore
3. Ordering from an online sex store with discreet shipping

So, let’s set up a scenario. Imagine that you have just finished reading your favorite girl magazine (Cosmo or Redbook, for instance) and that you have learned about something called the Surprise Turbo Hitachi Wand. Where do you think you would go to buy something like that? Well, it’s not the best idea to just type it into your search engine, because they track everything you search for. If you buy it from one of the big box stores online, they are going to forever have that item in your history, and they might even start making recommendations which could be quite embarrassing if you are browsing their store with your friends in the future.

You want to go to a store that will sell the toys that you are looking for and nothing else. There are plenty of sex shops on line, and you can find them pretty easily. But how do you know if you are shopping with a superstore?

Take a look at all of the products they have. The products at a real superstore will include at least five different types of vibrators, and some can have many more. You want to find hitachi wands, realistic dicks, vibrators, bullets, rabbits, and more. If you are at a shop that has at least these types of toys, then you are shopping with a real superstore.

The most important thing that these shops can provide you, though, is discreet shipping. While everyone knows that women love their vibrators, no woman wants to look the UPS guy in the eye when he is delivering her new sex toy. If the box has “dildo superstore” printed on it, then he is going to know exactly what he is delivering to you.

Most of these packages will come in a box with a discreet label that doesn’t even indicate what might be inside. This is the best thing about shopping with an online superstore. Of course, having the huge variety available through one of these stores is also great. You can easily find a number of toys that you have never even heard of before, as well as more exotic and adventurous toys. The first time I ever tried a butt plug was when I accidentally found one on the superstore and figured I would give it a try. Talk about luck! I absolutely love mine, and I’m glad that I found it.

When you decide that you are ready to get a new dildo or vibrator, you definitely want to hop online and order from one of these superstores. Don’t bother looking for a shop in your area, and don’t order from the more popular online retailers that sell things like books and used goods.

When you do find your favorite erotic toy store, make sure you bookmark the site and check out their latest arrivals as often as you can, because you can find new things to spice up your sexlife.