Examples of the Most Suitable Couples Sex Toys

Types of Toys that Qualify as Couples Sex Toys

Many couples of all age groups all over the world are taking to using sex toys. They use them to please each other sexually and this enhances their sex life. With the many sex toys available in the market, not all of them can be considered as ideal to be used by a couple. For example, dildos are specifically designed for women and men have their toys too and an example is penis pumps. However, some sex toys enhance the pleasure of both women and men and this are the ones considered as being couples sex toys.

One example of sex toys that are useful for both men and women are the G-spot vibrators. This is because they are useful for G-spot stimulation in addition to prostate/anal stimulation. Researchers have now found out that the prostate can be stimulated for intense pleasure just like the female G-spot. Even though finger stimulation is adequate to create pleasure, G-spot vibrators are ideal to use since they reduce the strain on the fingers and hands.

G-spot vibrators are ideal sex toys for couples since both can use them to stimulate both the G-spot and prostate to pleasure both partners. The other sex toys that are ideal for use by couples are the masturbation sleeves and vibrating rings. They usually offer a squeezing sensation that encircles the penis and they stimulate the woman through a vibrator. Some masturbation sleeves vibrate but some do not and men usually put a vibrating bullet in them to get fantastic stimulation.

The other sex toys that are useful for couples are the love or cock rings that make men last longer and feel bigger. They enhance stimulation by the man’s penis stimulating his partner’s G-spot and the clitoral vibrator provides stimulation to her clitoris. Vibrating rings that have a triple action are also available and they provide anal stimulation in addition to the other stimulation mentioned above.

The other couples adult toys available are the anal sex toys such as butt plugs. Studies have shown that massaging the prostate leads to a reduced risk of prostate cancer and therefore, many men are now taking to using anal sex toys. Men derive much pleasure from stimulating their penis and prostate at the same time just like women derive pleasure from stimulating their G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Women also derive pleasure from anal stimulation and therefore these sex toys are ideal for couples.

The most suitable anal sex toys are those that are made from materials such as a hundred percent medical grade silicon, which is non-porous. The other sex toys designed for both men and women are the suction and vibrating nipple clamps. You can use these toys on many erogenous parts such as the testicles, clitoris and ear lobes. Both men and women derive pleasure form nipple stimulation and can reach orgasm with this kind of stimulation.

The other sex toys that are ideal as couples sex toys are the penis extenders that work to lengthen the penis for the woman’s pleasure. Clit stimulators are also ideal for use by couples especially those that are designed to be worn during intercourse. They ensure that a woman is able to reach orgasm.