Enjoying the fun of the butt plug

The beauty of the modern world is that we can talk so much easier about the enjoyment and the sensation of using sex toys, including of course the butt plug. This can be used alone or with your willing partner. The sex toy industry has really opened up to the millions of internet users who now take the time to scroll though the sites to find that particular sex toy that will make the mouse however over the “Buy Me” button.

Butt plug – part of the new sex toy era

The use of these anal orgasm toys and the joy of a good anal workout is often not spoken about as much as it should be. A lot of men love anal sex and would be more than happy to introduce anal pleasure tools into sex play and the sensation is just as appealing as any other form of intercourse.

So exactly what is a butt plug? The best answer is that it is a specific sex toy designed to fit and stay up the anus. The classic shape has a recessed neck along with a flared base, allowing the powerful sphincter muscles to close to keep it securely in place. The flared base is what keeps it from going all the way into the rectum and getting lost, which is not what is wanted, and what makes it different from the common dildo. Unlike the vagina, the rectum does not come to a stop, but leads into the digestive track, and allowed to enter unrestricted there is a danger of the rectum contracting and sucking the toy to deep. Hence the flared base that allows the rectum to be so pleasured, but entirely safe too.

Just like the favorite dildo, there are many widths and thicknesses of the anal toys. There are plugs that vibrate or can be blown up to a bigger size once inside, and there are plugs that are so smooth like a candle, or some even made to look like the real man pumping away. It certainly is not the case that one size fits all.

So when choosing this ultimate pleasure toy, it is worth taking the time to read the descriptions and look closely at the pictures and where possible study the testimonials from those that have already taken themselves to a new passion place. The Ladygasm site is one of the best place to go for a full range of great sex toys, and the range of all the sex toy needs you may ever want to indulge in

Ladygasm – your best bet for anal sex toys

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