Elise - The most seductive Lelo toy

Elise - The most seductive Lelo toy

Product details

The Lelo Elise is the most seductive of all of Lelo’s pleasure objects – and for good reason. The fuller shape of the Lelo Elise hides her two small motors - allowing for a deeper and more resonant vibe. This pleasure object has a motor at both the bottom AND the tip – increasing the possibilities for your enjoyment.

Like the other Lelo pleasure objects we offer – the Lelo Elise is fully rechargeable – and just a single charge can give you 4 hours of use. Made from medical grade silicone – allow the 5 vibration modes of the Lelo Elise to give you an experience you will not soon forget...

Material Safety safety
Noise Level noise
Safety Features
Food Grade Silicone, Hypo-allergenic
Powered by
7 Vibration Modes
Special Features
Premium, Waterproof


Product reviews

Review by Babydoll4eva
My mom and I were looking together for toys (we are very open with each other) and I saw the Lelo Elise, and suggested we try this one. We both fell in love with the sleek design and the color (it wasn't pink like everything else!). I hadn't heard from her in two weeks, and just yesterday she apologized for being away for so long. She found so many different ways to keep herself entertained with the different speeds the Elise had to offer.

Review by her_property
My roommate and I fool around from time to time. One night she pulled out the Lelo Elise and she completely blew my mind. Not only is the Elise sleek and light weight, it lasted for over 5 hours! Whew! Couldn't walk after that session.

Review by Phonesexsavior
Cousin Tracey surprised me with the Lelo Elise, and I must say. I just find it the snazziest vibrator I ever had the opportunity to use. It fills me so completely, and when I hit that on switch, oh I get chills thinking about it.

Review by shinylove89
What is the deal with this thing. I can't stop using it. The vibration of this toy goes so much deeper than any other vibrator I have had thus far. I mean, what else could you ask for other than a fat orgasm every few minutes and speed controls? I recommend this for anybody who wants to experience a new type of orgasm.

Review by chels
Well what can I say, I bought this and felt that it well worth the price. The product that I charge each day and drain each night doesn't get much better. The best part I the fact that I can stow and go with out worry of anyone being the wiser. I can say I definitely recommend this to everybody.

Review by darkr
This product changed my mind on how to masturbate. I was apparently lying to myself. I have had this little stick of delightful pleasure for more than a few months and I can't say one bad thing about it. The best part of this is that device is quite and rechargeable.
Review by WomanChina
The different speeds on the Elise allow a gradual rise to a specified level or jump to a specified level. It fits so well inside me that I almost question whether it was custom made to fit me. FAST shipping!

Review by unicornhunter84
My mom wanted a good, dependable vibrator but didn't want to go through the embarrassing process of going out to buy one. So I did some research and found this and thought she would love it. I own my own Lelo Elise, and I just adore it. Mom, on the other hand, wasn't as thrilled. She found it too powerful, but loves using it for your shoulders.

Review by saxyfuntimes
My girlfriend wanted something for her birthday in the way of a vibrator. I bought her the Lelo Elise and she immediately loved it. She loved it so much that the first couple of nights were spent sexless on my behalf. I'm not jealous though because she does return for the full menu. I figured if she likes it then she would endorse it.
Review by funinpublic
This has all the simplicity and complexity that I need in a vibrator. Its shape and curves complemented my shape and curves. I thought I would pass out when I found the five modes and how deep they went into me.