Do You Really Need Two Rabbit Vibrators?

Rabbit Vibrators Come in Many Different Styles

There are so many different types of rabbit vibrators that I have lost count. Originally there were only a handful, but as time goes on, more and more companies are trying to innovate. Some of them are so bizarre and complicated that it looks like they were designed by someone who usually makes assembly line equipment. The good news is that your basic rabbit vibrator isn’t anything too wild, but still has all the advanced technology you need to have a futuristic orgasm.

Most vibrating sex toys feature to types of stimulation, at minimum. The first is obviously delivered directly to the clitoris through “the rabbit.” The other type of stimulation comes from the shaft. You can find a bunch of different styles, ranging from shafts that have internal rotating pearls to toys that “curve” up and down at the tip rapidly to stimulate your g-spot.

One of the craziest female vibrators I have ever used had four different features. It featured a rotating tip that “wiggled” while it was inside of you, it had three rows of pearls that rotated around the shaft, and featured an “up and down” mechanism that allowed the toy to penetrate you while you held it steady against your clitoris. The fourth feature was obviously the vibrating rabbit.

The first time I used this toy it was honestly quite overwhelming. There was so much going on that I had a hard time concentrating and I ended up just using a regular vibrator to get off. Of course, after a few more times using it I learned to love all of the sensations at the same time, and now it is definitely one of my favorites.

If you want a toy that can “pump” you, like I described above, then check out the Ladygasm Rabbit Vibrators. One is called the “pump” and features a design similar to what I described above, only without the wiggling tip and rotating pearls. The other that they have is the Plus, which has the wiggling tip but no pumping or pearls included.

Both of them include various levels of vibrating intensity, so you should have no trouble getting off at all. If you tend to prefer light stimulation, you can position the rabbit ears to just tickle your clit. If you need more intense stimulation, you can press the soft nodule firmly against your clit and experience an intense orgasm.

These toys really should be owned by every woman out there. I don’t recommend that you have any fewer than two different models. It’s nice to be able to switch between the very different types of stimulation provided by the Pump and the Plus. Of course, you might find one that you really like and use it more than the others, but having some variation in your sock drawer will allow you to keep things interesting.

I have never been bored with any of my female sex toys. I find that having a new one is exciting, even when it is very similar to one that I already have. My boyfriend really likes it and says that it is high tech. He likes to use it on me while give him oral sex, and I almost always cum as soon as he ejaculates. You don’t have to use the toy with your partner if you don’t want, but I recommend it.

You have to decide if you want the type of orgasm that few other women will ever experience. If you do, then you want to have at least one, but hopefully two, rabbit vibrators, so that you can get off like you never even dreamed possible.