Dildos vs. Vibrators: The Basic Differences

Sex toys are fun. I hope that sex is an enjoyable pastime for you, whatever form it takes in your life, from solo play to enjoying it with someone else, or multiple someones. Gay sex, straight sex, bi sex, regardless of your proclivities, I hope that you find many hours of pleasurable stimulation of those sensitive regions of your body or someone else’s body. And as you endeavor to pleasure yourself and/or another person, the creative use of sex toys can really add to the experience.

Let’s take a look at the original sex toy created by humans, and think about what an amazing innovation dildos have been for human sexuality.

Archaeologists have unearthed prehistoric phallic objects that many believe were in fact used during sex play, meaning dildos pre-date the vibrator by millennia. Some of these objects were made of polished wood, others of glazed ceramics, and I even read once about an ivory dildo discovered in North Africa. While I would never advocate the killing of an elephant or the creation of one of these dildos in modern times, the idea of such an elegant sex toy sliding in and out of some lucky woman’s body is intriguing, to say the least.

The point is, human beings were making an effort to expand sexual possibilities a long time ago. The Kama Sutra was a how to manual for giving and receiving pleasure, and it has enriched the sex lives of countless individuals and couples since it was first penned. Realistic cocks, on the other hand, were probably the first physical inventions that opened up new possibilities for sex play in the ancient world.

Dildos: What Makes them Different

Many sex toys these days vibrate, and those microsecond long pulsations of movement provided over and over by a vibrator add up to clit- (or penis, or ass, or nipple) pleasing good times. While many vibrators are shaped and sized like penises, they vibrate; that makes them vibrators, not realistic dicks.

A dildo is a substitute for a penis. It is designed to stay hard and be plunged in an out of a body cavity repeatedly to simulate intercourse. Why a woman or a man uses fake penises instead of a partner with a penis could fill a library, the reasons are so many and so varied, but let’s move on to explore a few.

Possible candidates for fun involving a rubber cock would be people who want the feeling of intercourse but for whatever reasons a male partner is not an option. First of all, consider lesbians. Many members of the fairer sex enjoy sex with other members of the fairer sex, exclusively, and intercourse for them might very well mean the use of strap on realistic dicks. Other possibilities could include gay curious men who are not yet ready to take the step of having a male lover, but want some idea of what a cock would feel like inside the old bunghole. And what about a woman who has a man she is faithful to, and she wants some fun while he is at work or otherwise unavailable, or maybe she wants to feel a different cock penetrating her, or even wants to experience double penetration. All of these people can enjoy sex play with a rubber cock, and many, many others as well.

Realistic cocks may not be the most advanced sex toys out there, but they are still great, and for anyone who enjoys having his or her body penetrated by a cock-like fun pole, that person should have a dildo or two in their sex toy collection.