Cindy’s Sex Toys for Couples are Hot, Hot, Hot!

I have been using sex toys in relationships as a way to enhance my relationships for years now. A lot of people have a misunderstanding of how to use sex toys. A lot of couples think that vibrators are the only real sex toys, and they regularly fail to use them for anything beyond female masturbation. If this sounds like your relationship with sex toys, then you are definitely missing out on some of the hotter things that you could be experiencing in the bedroom. One of the best things you can do is learn to open your mind to all of the possibilities provided by having a great selection of couples sex toys.

So, just what toys do I recommend you own? Well, it really has a lot to do with what you find exciting once you get between the sheets. Some people prefer to stick with traditional vibrators and dildos, while others have an interest in exploring ass play. Of course, it is my opinion that you experience as many different types of stimulation as possible. How else do you expect to learn what you really like the best? Think about it sort of like deserts. If all you ever have is vanilla ice cream, how will you ever really be able to say whether or not it is your favorite? You might quickly find out that you like strawberry ice cream, or even a sorbet! You just have to be willing to try different things.

Take a look at something like the Ladygasm voyager. When I first introduce this toy to my current relationship, we had no idea that it would become one of our favorite sex toys for couples. The design of this toy is so perfect that it is hard to comprehend. As a woman, you are going to be able to use it to stimulate your clitoris (through its vibrating function) and your g-spot (with the curved tip). But it also has the perfect texture to stimulate your ass if you are willing to give it a try. I recommend you try inserting it in yourself while your partner mounts you in the missionary position. Then you can hold on to the controller and turn the vibrating speed up and down. It is really something special!

After you climax, get your guy on his hands and knees. Lube the toy up and slide it slowly into his ass. You might have to get him to feel comfortable with this, and I know that it can take a lot of work to do that, but your efforts will pay off in the end. Once the toy is inside, put your head between his legs and provide oral stimulation. I recommend you cup his balls and gently pull on his scrotum while you continue to work him with your mouth. When he orgasms, it will be the most intense experience he has ever had. A toy like to voyager is able to provide perfect stimulation of the prostate, which will result in a longer orgasm with more cum than you have ever seen before.

It takes a lot of guts to open up your sexual world. There are so many things that tell us that we should stick with “traditional” experiences. I have been advocating for women to try new things for over a decade, and I want to make sure that you take it into consideration, too. Find a few new sex toys for couples at and get ready to rock your world and your man’s, too.