Choosing the best adult superstore

Why an online adult superstore is always better than a real world toy shop

The first time I ever wandered into an adult superstore was back in the eighties with my boyfriend. We were seniors in college, and we had been talking about picking up vibrators, dildos, and pocket pussies for some time. We always watched a lot of porn together, and we were ready to take our sexual experiences to the next level. I really didn’t think much about it when he told me to hop in the car so we could head to the local shop. I really wish that I hadn’t gone for the trip, though, because it was about as disastrous as it could be.

If you have never been to a sex shop before, then this will all come as a surprise to you. First, this was in the eighties, and smoking regulations weren’t what they are today. Of course, this is just one of the many things that upset me, and it isn’t likely to be an issue today, but it is important for you to get the full picture to understand my point. The place was full of guys smoking cigars and cigarettes, and the whole place was shrouded in a thick, cough-inducing haze of nasty smoke. If I had been allergic or cursed with asthma I would have walked out right away. I wish I had.

When we got in there the whole place went quite. It wasn’t too noisy to begin with, but it was like those movies you see where someone walks into a bar and everyone gets quiet and stares at the new patron. I was the oddity in this sex toy shop, as I was the only female. Being rather attractive made things even worse. Perhaps if I was in a kinkier mood I would have liked the feeling I got, but alas, it was rather upsetting. I could see that each of these guys was imagining me naked and doing all of the filthy things to me that they do in the porn movies. The only guy I wanted thinking of me in that way was my boyfriend.

After about ten minutes or so in the adult sex store I told my boyfriend I was ready to leave. We rushed our purchase at this point and went to the check out counter with the first toy we found. The most embarrassing thing happened. The fat, sweaty, unshaven clerk took the toy out of the packaging, put two batteries in it, and turned it on. As he held it against the counter to demonstrate that it was working the other men in the store started laughing. I ran out to the car right after that.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of online shops that you can go to. I don’t have to worry about reliving that traumatizing experience again. If you are a woman and you have never been to one of these shops, then consider yourself lucky. You could very easily have as horrifying an experience as I did. The best thing about online shops is that they are fully anonymous, and you can browse them twenty four hours a day! I like waking up in the morning and hopping online to buy a new vibrator in my PJ’s, and not having to worry about guys imagining me butt naked with my ass in the air.

You have to be careful, though. Some shops don’t offer discreet shipping, and credit card security is always an issues. Thankfully, provides discreet shipping and some of the best security of any adult superstore on the web. Check out the Hitachi Magic Wand they sell for a really fantastic time.