Choosing Sex Toys for Couples

Is your sex life getting monotonous? Is every move made between you and your partner becoming predictable? Do you crave some variety and fun, but do not want to stray? Bringing sex toys in a relationship can provide the vessel you and your partner need to bring more spice and excitement back into the bedroom when your relationship has fallen into a rut.

How to Choose Sex Toys for Couples

Couples sex toys are extremely diverse, so it is best to decide what you and your partner are after. Do you just want to add a little variety to your fantasy life? Do you want to experiment with each other and push the envelope? Do you want to increase the duration, frequency and intensity of your orgasms? There are sex toys for couples for every need and want. However, when it comes to those couples who have lost their “oomph” due to normal life changes such as the birth of a baby, there are certain tactics that the partner needs to try.

Some women begin losing their appetite for sex after childbirth. This is normal and natural, since the hormone levels in their bodies are changing rapidly. This can lead to vaginal dryness and a dip in the libido. Most new moms are tired, their bodies are stressed out, and sex might be the last thing they can think about. Do not confuse this state of mind and body with a permanent loss of sexual appetite. The majority of women love sex and crave it with their partners for physical and emotional reasons, but sometimes the body sends other, stronger messages than lust. It is just temporary, and her partner needs to take some action to help her get back into the swing of things again. Adult toys for couples are one of the best ways to do this.

First, the male partner needs to realize that his lady needs a little help. The mind is the most sexual organ of them all, and if you change her mind you can change your sex life. Simple things that take the burden off her can make the biggest differences. Do the dishes, offer to cook dinner, clean up around the house, or help with the baby. Pick up her favorite take-out dinner on the way home, find a sitter, and schedule some “mommy and me” time. While you are out, pick up some sex toys for couples, you’ll need them later! Make sure to get lubricant, especially the warming kind, since this will play a key part in the plan.

Once she is more relaxed, maybe with a bath (have her use bath salts), try an erotic massage with scented, warming oil. Move the massage south of the border and use couples erotic toys like a clit-stimulating vibrator to heat things up in other ways. Try a mutually-stimulating butterfly vibrator to increase your pleasure at the same time as hers. Most of all, take it slow. A satisfying session in the sack is one of the best ways to bring a couple back together again after some time apart, even if it’s just mental or emotional.