Caring for Sex Toys for Girls

Sex toys for girls are fun. They help women to explore their bodies and learn about what really “works” for them, not to mention that they add spice to masturbation as well as sex with a partner. Every woman should have a drawer full of female masturbation tools. However, with ownership comes responsibility, so here are some helpful hints on how to take care of your toys.

Tips and Hints for Caring for Sex Toys for Girls

One big rule of thumb about taking care of battery-operated girls sex toys: don’t immerse them in water! The battery case should never be open when you’re cleaning it, even in waterproof toys. If water infiltrates the battery compartment the contacts can rust and the whole thing could short out—and that would just be sad, right? Instead of immersing it, wipe down your vibrating buddy with a damp cloth and some kind of cleanser. The type of cleanser is determined by the material…see below!

Certain materials have certain cleaning methods. Never, ever use alcohol on a real rubber toy, or it will crack. Do not use alcohol or a bleach solution to clean jelly rubber. The best thing to clean female sex toys with is a solution of warm water and antibacterial soap. Make sure you rinse it carefully (soap irritates sensitive membranes) and pat it dry.

Don’t use silicone-based lubes with silicone women sex toys, and don’t use oil-based lubes with jelly rubber or rubber toys. Both of these lubricants will cause the material of the toy to break down. The best lube all around is a water-based one, which won’t harm any material. If your vibrating sex toys for girls have rechargeable batteries, charge them when they need it, right away. Letting dead or almost-dead batteries sit in the compartment can damage both the batteries and the device.

If your bedroom party favor needs to be plugged in to the wall, check the cord every now and then. You never know if your frisky new puppy or kitten has gotten ahold of the cord (bad pussy!), or if perhaps you closed it in the drawer by accident. A damaged power cord can lead to dangerous complications, like shorting out the mechanism or even electrocution! Now that’s a very unpleasant vibration! If you see cracks or deep dents in the cord, or if your massager has been malfunctioning at all, it might be best to put it to rest and get a new one. A better one!

BIG tip: do not ever, under any circumstances, take your electric “power tools” into the bathroom with you or use them near water. No matter how much a nice warm bath and a good time with your massager might seem, electrical toys are not compatible with water, period.

Practice good cord care for electric sex toys for girls: don’t wrap the cord around the unit. This can cause the electrical wires inside the cord to become kinked or damaged, ruining all your fun. This tip also applies to other electrical devices with cords, too, by the way. Your boyfriend or husband is sitting there nodding, right? He already told you that long ago. Listen now!

Check the material. Some female sex toys are made with cheaper material, and they can become pitted, rough, or sticky with time, if you don’t take care of them properly. A damaged toy can cause damage. Cracks in hard plastic, missing material in jelly rubber, crumbling rubber, etc., should all be a warning to buy a new toy. Hey, at least it’s a good excuse for a fun shopping trip!

Between uses, make sure you store your girls sex toys properly. Different materials have different needs. Jelly rubber toys are particularly susceptible to damage from moisture and they tend to get sticky and attract dust, dirt, fuzz and hair…yuck. Real rubber toys can become cracked if they are exposed to high heat and low humidity. The best solution? After cleaning and patting dry your toys, place them in an airtight container that can be stored discreetly. Plastic storage containers come in all colors and levels of opacity. If you’re worried about someone seeing them, buy a solid-colored container and label it “tax records.” Trust me, no one is going to look.