Buying cheap dildos does not mean they are poor quality

Take a few seconds to look at the numerous sites that carry a range of dildos from the price of a couple of dollars, right up to a hundred dollar plus. So what is the difference in safety and characteristics of these dildos? The low-cost dildos online or in your local sex shop are cheap dildos because of the materials used and the more simple designs. After all, the concept of these masturbation toys, or any dildo is nothing more than a shaped implement that will fit into the vagina or the anus, and give pleasure and sexual stimulation.
The dildo has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, and lucky for this generation, the technology is now able to make the most realistic and skin-like penis shaped dildos, with veins and everything looking just like the real thing.

The search for cheap dildos

Some of the cheap dildos like the pink colored 5” lifelike dong, looks like the shape of a penis. It is easily recognizable as a penis, but there is no detail. It will not feel life like, and it will not bend or adjust to the penetration or pressure. It is a good dildo, but it is only around Of course it will bring you hours of fun, but it is basic.

Compare that with something like Cyberskin Realistic Dildo on the market for around this again is a great pink penis dildo. But the material it is made of, makes it feels and look like the real skin of an erect penis. It is made of a revolutionary material and new slimmer size with Dual Density CyberSkin. This really looks the part as it is realistically sculpted, and made to be used for vaginal or anal sex, and is waterproof.

Already you can see that compared with cheap rubber cocks, this product is looking and feeling a lot more like a real penis, than the cheaper dildo. Both insert and help self pleasuring, but each is different in what it looks like, feels like. And that makes a huge difference to the masturbation, as part of the turn on is to see something that reflects how a real penis really looks and feels.

Ladygasm has great dildos and lubrication to suit all your needs

Looking real is the answer. If it looks like the real thing, then already your body will be craving for it.. Use a water-based lubricant and put in inside you, in seconds it warms up. The cheap dildos do not do that.

The Ladygasm range of dildos is from the basic to the top end. All the dildos are great, they all perform a great sexual act on your body. The higher the price paid the more realistic and cleverly designed the dildos get. Start off at mid range, and then build yourself up through the Ladygasm range.