Buy Dildos the Fun Way!

If you want to buy dildos and have a lot of fun, you have to throw a party.

One of the things I never thought about was throwing a party to buy sex toys. I had a girlfriend who worked for one of those companies that sells and demonstrates toys, and she started throwing a bunch of parties. I got together with a couple of my girlfriends, and we all had a great time. But she couldn’t make enough money with the job and eventually had to give it up. We were all very sad, because we really did have a lot of fun at these parties. Another friend suggested that we could have a very similar experience if we used an online shop, and that is where this idea was born.

We found a site called, which has the best selection for a girl who wants to buy dildos. What we did was get together and take turns picking a toy. We had to look at the description on the site, and then take turns describing the toy that we chose to the group. While it was a little embarrassing, at first, we got over it pretty quickly and had a lot of fun. When you are all done taking your turns, each girl gets a chance to sit down for 15 minutes to place an order. If she doesn’t want to buy anything, that is fine, but she still has to sit down in privacy for fifteen minutes.

Are you excited yet? You probably are, but you are wondering how to go about organizing this party to buy rubber cocks. The first thing you have to do is make a list of everyone you know that might be interested in coming to the party. The best people to invite are girls who might know others who are interested in coming to the party, too. From there, make a full list and send out some emails and find out who is interested. Explain the concept, and then ask them if there is anyone else they might want to invite.

From here, you should make your own invitations. It is really funny if you make something that looks like a dick with balls. Then give invitations to everyone who is coming, and make sure the girls who are going to invite others have enough to invite everyone they want to. On your invitation you should list the date and time, and a phone number so they can call you for directions to your place. Do not put your address on the envelope.

Once the invitations are sent out and all of the girls are over, you need to provide refreshments. It would be a good idea to get some of those perverted gummies, as well as making a cake that is shaped like a big penis. Have some adult beverages, too, and start the party off by letting everyone have a couple of drinks. Don’t forget about designated drivers, though!

Once everyone is gathered, load up and let each girl take a turn browsing the site for a toy she wants to “demonstrate.” Then she has to explain it. To make it really fun, each girl should try to be as perverted as possible, and at the end you can give an award for the most perverted demonstration!

It really is a lot of fun to throw a party like this. It helps to break the ice a little bit and some girls who might be nervous about ordering a toy will get a chance to do so in privacy. It really is the best and most fun way to buy dildos that I have ever experienced.