Butt Plugs for Men and Women

Curious About Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs are sex toys that, as the name implies, go in your butt. Many people who are curious about anal play introduce themselves to anal sex via anal toys. If you are a person who is single or not in a committed relationship, this is entirely a personal decision. If, on the other hand, you have a partner and you wish to explore anal sex toys in your sex life, you may need to have a discussion on the subject.

Curiosity Regarding Anal Toys Among Women

Many women who have no experience at all with anal sex may find themselves interested in anal penetration toys. Let’s face it, porn these days features a lot of anal sex, and men watch porn. If you are a girl who wants to fulfill your man’s every fantasy, you might have considered anal sex. A common fear about trying anal sex is pain; until a person has become accustomed to having things inserted into their asshole, and can relax enough to do it with ease, anal penetration is, well, a pain in the ass.

By using a small butt plug, a girl can experiment with what it feels like to have something inserted in her bum with pleasurable intentions, before moving on to actual anal sex with a partner. Think of it as training wheels on a bicycle; pretty much everyone can achieve the balance and coordination necessary to ride a bike, but training wheels give the person the ability to get used to the whole process safely and confidently. By using butt plugs before jumping into anal intercourse, a woman who wishes to eventually move to that level can find out how her body responds to the sensations without worries about getting into it and then disappointing her partner by having to call a halt to the activity.

Curiosity Regarding Anal Plugs Among Straight Men

Many straight men find themselves curious about anal exploration at some point. The anus is a very sensitive part of the body, and if explored correctly can lead to whole new avenues of pleasure for a man. However, it is a kind of a taboo subject that many straight men are reluctant to discuss, even with a trusted and commited female partner. Unfortunately, many people feel that a guy who finds pleasure from anal stimulation automatically has a tendency toward being gay.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Homosexuality among men means that they are attracted to and sexually excited by other men. Finding pleasure in the stimulation of nerve endings that exist in the anus and rectum does not have anything to do with what gender a person is attracted to. It has to do with nerves carrying sense data to the brain and there being interpreted as feeling good or feeling bad.

By ultilizing butt plugs, straight men can find out if they enjoy anal stimulation or not. Whether they do this privately or openly with a partner will largely depend on the level of trust and communication within their relationship.