Butt Plugs: Basic Types

Understand Different Butt Plugs

The sex toy market is very competitive, and manufacturers are always out to provide consumers with the most innovative products to satisfy their sexual cravings. This has led to an overwhelming amount of products all aimed at scratching those itches so to speak. Since there are very few things that are truly new under the sun, most innovative products are really just modifications of familiar favorites. Butt plugs are simple toys, but let’s take a look at some of the changes that have been applied to these toys.

Butt Plugs That Vibrate

Vibration is a common addition to sex toys. Phallic shaped items have been found in archaeological dig sites, so inanimate objects utilized for sexual pleasure are obviously not a new idea. Small electric motors that add vibration to sex toys is a fairly recent innovation that is so popular that practically every type of sex toy commonly available has a vibrating variant. Anal toys are no exception, and it is easy to find products that are designed to go into and remain within the user’s asshole that have a cord going from the toy itself to a control module. Turn the dial on the control, and your trusty ass stretcher becomes a vibrating mass inside your body.

Anal Plugs With Ridges

Another common modification applied to anal sex toys is the addition of texture to the surface. These can be nub or ridges that increase stimulation during the insertion or removal of the toy. Since the main idea behind these anal pleasure tools is to get them in there and leave them in place for a while, adding texture may not be as useful for butt plugs as it might be for say, dildos, which are intended more for stroking in and out of a body cavity. Whether or not a textured surface on anal plugs is for you or not is entirely up to you, but if this extra stimulation intrigues you, many manufacturers offer toys that will fit your needs.

Anal Toys With Decorations

These are often referred to as anal jewelry. Basically what these are is small butt plugs that can be worn comfortably for extended periods and have decorations added to the base of the toy. They are intended less for filling your bung hole than for being seen, but they are designed to be inserted and remain in place, and they follow the basic design of anal plugs that we are familiar with. Try one out for your next orgy, swingers’ party or nudist gathering and have the most blinged out asshole in the place, without having to buy your husband a bunch of necklaces.

Many times less is more, and with anal pleasure tools, this could be the case. A simpler, smoother sex toy can be inserted easier and kept in place comfortably for longer periods of time. If for you, making things more exotic also makes them more erotic, then vibrating, textured, or decorated anal sex toys may be for you, but like all sex toys, find something that you enjoy using and have fun.