Bringing Couples Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

There are lots of people in committed relationships that want more out of their sex lives, but are afraid to talk about it with their partners. After all, men and women can both be very insecure about their bodies and their sexual performance. Some guys are even threatened by their lady using a vibrator! However, bringing sex toys in a relationship can give new breadth and depth to any relationship, if you approach it properly.

How to Bring Couples Sex Toys into Your Relationship

First of all, don’t be shy about erotic toys for couples. If you’ve never told your new partner that you enjoy solo play with a vibrator or male masturbator, introduce the topic in a lighthearted way. Perhaps bring up how you saw a neat new tingling lubricant at the store the other day, or bring up an article you read recently about how much fun couples adult toys can be for both partners. Most normal, healthy people will perk up at the thought of something new and interesting in the bedroom, especially something that isn’t threatening, like a lube or an innocent-looking (but powerful) mutual vibrator. Turn humor into passion quickly!

Women won’t often have a hard time convincing their man to try sex toys for couples unless the man is extremely insecure. Some men have expressed the sentiment that if their woman was satisfied with them (their size, endurance, performance, etc.) that they wouldn’t need or want a vibrator, or to introduce couples sex toys into their personal lives. However, this isn’t true at all. A woman can be completely satisfied with her partner, but can still want some variety, just like men who have great relationships with their partners will still masturbate regularly.

For a man who expresses intimidation about using erotic toys for couples, reassure him. Show him your cute little personal pleasurer, or go shopping for one together as a test-run. Likely he is thinking you want to get off with some massive cock-shaped dildo that no real man could ever measure up against! An egg, butterfly, fingertip vibe, or one of those smooth, ergonomically-designed handheld vibrators won’t threaten his ego in the least.

Since men adore watching women masturbate, leave your shyness behind and show him how you use it. You will quickly find that he will not only want to watch, but he will also want to help! Play around and stroke his cock and balls with the vibrator on a lower setting, to light his fires and show him how good it feels. From there, it’s just a short hop to getting him to try out a stretchy vibrating cock ring or mutual vibrator, since they will increase his pleasure and yours! Couples adult toys are made for making everything between two people even hotter.

For a man with a nervous lady, start with a sensual massage session. Use a warming, sensation-enhancing lube on her pussy. Then, give her a present of her very own vibrator. Make it something that’s pretty and feminine and, most of all, like an egg or lipstick vibrator. Once you’ve gotten her to get off a few times, you’ll be amazed how often she’s begging you to get naughty, even in public places! Then, it’s short order to sex swings, position aids, and mutual masturbation couples sex toys.

Couples sex toys widen the options in your sex life. Revitalize your bedroom play with a few select items that will bring pleasure and excitement to both of you, and watch how your relationship gets stronger and deeper!