Blow your mind with these hot anal sex toys

Most people know of anal pleasuring through anal sex toys like the dildo and the always enjoyable anal beads. Most have heard of the butt plug, but may feel a little unsure about going straight down that path. So what are the anal toys out there to introduce you to the art of anal pleasuring?

After centuries of guilt and taboo, anal orgasm toys and anal sex is no longer something to be ashamed of, either for men or for women. In fact it has become such a big market that the number of anal products made to delight and enjoy is growing all the time.

Exploring the wide variety of anal sex toys

Beginner kits

If you are new to anal sex but a bit squeamish about using a full sized dildo, butt plug or other toys for anal fun, you could consider a starter kit for the anally curious female. These are of modest proportions and include information on how to enjoy anal sex play. You can have your partner join in and have great fun probing your most secret places.

Anal beads

The larger sized anal beads are anal orgasm tools that can be carefully inserted into the anus and then pulled out one by one, creating a rapid and pleasant sensation in the rectum. The rippling sense of pressure while they are inserted and when they are pulled at the point of orgasm can be absolutely exquisite. Especially if your lover is also stoking your pussy at the same time. If they could make a smartphone app that accurately recreated this sensation it would be the best selling app of all time.

Anal dildos

Dildos come in a vast choice of sizes from modest to massive. Some anal dildos have vibrators and multi speed controllers to make them even more exciting, some are penile shaped, but whichever you choose all should have a flared base so that they are safe to insert and remove with ease.

Butt plugs

These anal sex toys are normally diamond shape with a flared base. They range in size from slim to eye wateringly large. They provide both a feeling of fullness and can also be used to pleasure the prostate.

Anal sex toy cleaner

While it doesn’t really classify as anal orgasm toys, this item is every bit as essential as shampoo for your hair or washing up liquid for your dishes. Toys for anal fun require cleaning every single time you use them. There are several good quality sex toy cleaners on the market. A good example of an anal sex toy cleaner is ToySterile Hygiene Spray. ToySterile makes cleaning easy. Just five or six pumps of the geranium scented spray will coat the anal orgasm tools in ethanol which can then be washed off, leaving the toys clean and sterile for the next anal session.

Ladygasm - the top anal toys for your bottom

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